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Advance Excel, I was told that this profile require excel but on very basic levels, but taking a test of vlookup, pivot table was a clear sign that we are not willing to hire you. Not only this but they were offering rs9500 in hand salary and they took "4" rounds of interview. huh.

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This was the worst interview experience of my life , they made me wait for about 7 hours but never had any intention to hire, as other 3 candidates who were applying for the same post were giving test on English comprehension(in fourth round)(just because the had references??).and me on the other had had to clear advance excel test practically. reference people gets comprehensions to solve and non referral people will be kicked out anyways.

When i had given interview, they did not taken my excel test, they just taken some reasoning and english test. These days i don't know why they had made interview tougher. Believe me for process executive excel one only have to know the copy,paste and filter function to do their work, nothing more is required. As they have some advance software at work which minimize the requirement of excel advance functions. So this test of advance excel is only to have a excuse not to hire. When they have the requirement they will make the interview easy will limit their interview to 2-3 rounds and on the same day will select the candidate in 2-3 hours which had happen in my case. Now days because of the pressure from their head office they are not hiring much and also it have low turnover ratio as compared to other captive units.

Are you flexible?

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Do you wish to work in any particular location?

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Describe AHT. Why cognizant Where do you see yourself after 5 years.

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Previous work relevant work experience

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Why change of job

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what is copay

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Why would the company should recruit you and why do you think that you will be suitable for this kind of post?

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General questions.

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