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1.tell me about your self 2.what is you favorite role model 3. Memorable day 4.what are your hobbies

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just to read the tips 25000

My name is Kumar Rendale Basically from karanataka belgaum dist, I had completed my MBA Specialist in marketing, Family background is I have 5 members including me,

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how much is 12*28?

13 Answers

what if company in losses , dividend declaration

1 Answer

Are you the kind of person who sits in front of the computer and work whole day? Do you prefer working in such condition?

3 Answers

why being such a bright student you wanna join the bpo sector?

5 Answers

HR asked me do you believe in God and why ? But i dont believe said by HR.

2 Answers

why do you want to join EMAL

4 Answers

number of balls questions like there are 8 balls and one is heavy, how many tries would you require to find out with a weighing scale

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For how long we can expect you here ???

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if one customer asked a product it has more than 10000 product could you fullfill the order

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