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  • The right technology can bring together not just schools, pupils and parents, but go further afield to other organisations and resources in the families and education space. Taking a wider, holistic approach is key to engagement solutions. Find out why?

    How can schools achieve engagement beyond the school gates?

    When we talk about engagement in a school setting, what do we actually mean? Normally, the term is used in connection with parental engagement in relation to how your school reaches out to families or manages interactions from parents.

  • As we move into a cashless society, how will digital payments evolve this year? Find out from Stephen Ferry, managing director at Capita Software.

    In 2019 we'll see the continued evolution of digital payments

    Digital payments in general, and mobile payments in particular, will increase in 2019, as cash is used less for everyday transacting.

  • Pivoting to a user-centric culture can deliver numerous business benefits. Find out what they are.

    Creating a user-centric culture: the top 3 benefits to your organisation

    In the third and final instalment of his three-part series, James Bunce examines the fundamental principles of the agile workspace and how we go about building

  • “Social media can often reveal problems with customer experience that need to be fixed quickly, faster than the retailer can itself.”- James, innovation lead. Find out more about how social media can positively impact businesses.

    Using social media to deliver customer journey insight

    While some businesses remain nervous of negative sentiment, the potential for s ocial media to spread positive views is huge. It can also help organisations improve their customer journeys and to drive satisfaction . For example, social media can often reveal problems with , customer experience that need to be fixed quickly faster than the retailer can itself.

  • How does Barrachd help clients working in everything from fashion to technology, get more meaning and insight from their data? Giles, sales director, reveals this and more.

    How big data is impacting software sales

    We get involved with all sorts of projects. We've recently been working with an investment bank around London Fashion Week, reviewing two huge fashion brands, which the bank will then use to write analyst reviews - it's interesting work.

  • What will 2019 bring? Hear from the Capita experts about their predictions for the year ahead.

    Future gazing: our predictions for 2019

    As we approach the end of 2018, it's time once again to bring our experts together to share their business predictions for the year ahead.

  • “Voice assistant technology is now part of normal life, and people will increasingly expect it in their business life too.” – Alan, chief technology officer at Capita Software. Find out what the future will look like.

    Virtual assistants and automation will deliver on their promises

    We are seeing ever more people use virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, and trust the results. Voice assistant technology is now part of no

  • Anthony Singleton, managing director at Capita One shares his top 5 predictions for technology in local government and housing for 2019. Read the full article.

    5 predictions for technology in local government and housing for 2019

    With the increasing pressure on local authorities to do more with less, next year looks to be another year in which digital transformation will, rightly, play a

  • Our ‘Go Local’ campaign was set up to encourage our employees to use their one paid day a year to volunteer during working hours. Over 200 employees volunteered their time across 17 cities. Find out how we did it.

    Three tips for encouraging employees to volunteer

    Jennie Colville, head of sustainability here at Capita, gives her top tips on how to engage employees to volunteer.

  • Barrachd are working with the police to fight crime through HR, Sickness, Recruitment and Duties data. “We have to look beyond just crime data and turn to the under-used treasure trove of information held across police organisations.”

    Fusing data to fight crime

    Police forces are facing austerity cuts, an ever-changing demand for service, increasing public expectations, evolving and complex crime types, and new political initiatives. This is not a new reality but a constant struggle to be more efficient with the resources at their disposal. There is, however, one valuable resource that is on the rise and always increasing.

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