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  • "Engineering is more than just writing code. Writing code is isolated and in a vacuum; engineering is a collaborative effort." Check out Thumbtack summer intern Jeffrey Liu's story here. #tacklife #engineering #tacktern #internship

    More Than an Internship: My Time at Thumbtack

    In my junior year of college, I applied to 151 companies' internship programs. Of those 151 applications, I received 26 coding challenges, 7 phone screens, 3 final rounds, and, finally, 1 offer from Thumbtack. In a sense, Thumbtack was my only option.

  • Meet Aline Mello! Aline was one of 21 interns (we call them TACKterns) who spent their summer at Thumbtack. As the people team TACKtern, Aline worked on a variety of projects centered around Thumbtack’s culture and hiring processes.

    Take a look at what Aline had to say about their experience as a #TACKtern!

  • As Thumbtack’s engineering team surpassed the 100 mark last summer, it was decided to develop a leveling process that would provide our engineers with a clear roadmap for their professional growth and development.

    Xing Chen, our Senior Director of Engineering, shares our engineering job ladder and how the team’s transparent approach to career development helps reflect Thumbtack’s core values.

  • Thumbtack prides itself on providing top-notch service to our Pros. And our Customer Support (CS) Agents are always there to ensure that this world-class service is delivered!

    For the past two weeks, we have been highlighting members of our CS team. For this week’s highlight, we would love to introduce you to Albert Hernandez. Like all of our CS agents, Albert dedicates their work to helping pros maximize their Thumbtack experience and #lifeswork.

    Get to Know: Albert Hernandez, Customer Support Agent

    Thumbtack provides me engaging new challenges every day. I've learned how to manage high volume work and maintain a flexible mindset here. Thumbtack has also helped me identify my strengths and how I can apply them to my working relationships. If you could switch your job with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

  • We hope you enjoyed reading last week’s Customer Support Agent highlight on Nichole!

    This week, it’s our pleasure to introduce Mercedes Paige!

    Read about how Thumbtack has helped shape Mercedes’ career path, and how her team helps pros achieve their #lifeswork.

    Get to Know: Mercedes Paige, Customer Support Agent - Medium

    I wasn't sure what career I wanted before Thumbtack. Thumbtack exposed me to different career avenues. I've actually changed my major and know the career path I want to take. Seeing the day to day operations of different departments helped me a lot. What advice do you have for perspective Thumbtack candidates?

  • When it comes to talking with Thumbtack pros, our Customer Support Agents are professionals. Every day, they ensure that pros on our platform are getting the help they need to achieve success!

    For the next four weeks, we will be highlighting a new agent from our Customer Support team.

    Kicking this series off, we want to introduce you to Nichole Jensen! Take a look at what Nichole had to say about their experience as a CS agent.

    #thumbtack #lifeswork #tacklife #tech #customersupport

    Get to Know: Nichole Jensen, Customer Support Agent

    I love the fact that I can be myself. My conversations aren't scripted which allows me to make a genuine connection with each person I help. What is one thing about Thumbtack that most people don't realize? Everyone here genuinely cares for our professionals and for each other.

  • Thumbtack strives to create an environment where their employees can achieve success and feel welcomed, no matter where they come from.

    Take a look at what these employees had to say about their road to tech and how Thumbtack supported their journey.


    Breaking Tradition: Finding Belonging at Thumbtack

    Want to hear a joke? A former restaurant owner, a counselor, and an aspiring TV writer walk into a tech company. Despite their non-technical backgrounds, they aspired to make a positive impact. The punchline to this joke? They did. As the tech industry continues to expand, so does the pool of potential candidates.

  • How do you prepare for your interviews? Our recruiting team put together some of their tips and tricks for nailing the interview process to help everyone put their best foot forward!

    Navigating the Interview Process

    Apply for everything. Everything you're interested in at least. Don't rule out roles just because you don't think you meet all the criteria in the job description. Nobody checks every box?-?go ahead and apply! Everyone knows that story about someone who did not have relevant experience for the role but ended up getting it anyway because they had transferable skills from somewhere else.

  • The Mission Daily Podcast recently sat down with Thumbtack Co-founder Sander Daniels to discuss how Thumbtack is shaping the future of work, company culture, the necessity of setting company values, the importance of getting to know your team outside of the workplace to build trust and more.

    The Future of the Gig Economy with Sander Daniels

    Chad and Sander Daniels cover how Thumbtack is shaping the future of work, the necessity of setting company values and how to deal with rejection.

  • We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our newest board member, Lily Sarafan. Lily brings more than a decade of leadership and entrepreneurial experience, and has a deep understanding of scaling a market-leading local services business. We are honored to have her onboard.

    Check out her interview with our CEO and get to know her a little more!

    A Candid Conversation with Lily Sarafan, Thumbtack's Newest Board Member

    At Thumbtack, our board of directors plays a key role in continuously helping the business grow and improve. Every single board member is invested in getting Thumbtack to the next level.

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