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Mitsui & Co.
Business Analyst Trainee was asked...20 May 2012

Given the current macroeconomic variables, what effect would an interest rate hike have on _____, ______, ______, and ______.

3 Answers

What the heck?

The blank fields were abundant, ranging from housing prices to stock market indices. Less



How many 1/2 litre bottles of pepsi are consumed in delhi each month ?

3 Answers

You are in going to be in Analytics .... find the answer.... (Hint : There is no correct answer.) Less


about 1,00,00,000 people live in delhi, out of one -fifth people are ready to consume pepsi, i assume that on an average one bottle of half liter is used. so my ans = 5,00,000*4or5=20 lak to 25 lak... Less

Cognizant Technology Solutions


3 Answers

overall a good and easy interview process.


illaya thalapathy vijay vazgaaaaaaaaaa. thevedia magan ajithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Axxela Research & Analytics

1. Tell me about yourself, family background 2. Why u want to come in trading 3. Situation based questions like what u'll do if u have given ₹10 lakh money, how u will invest them 4. Why axxela 5. Calculation based questions of multiplication, and reasoning type questions like - no. of nine's coming in 1-100 6. How u have invested 5 months of pandemic. 7. Puzzles from geeks for geeks 8. Guesstimates My interview was mainly a type of stress interview, in which risk management skills and ability to handle pressure were tested. Be Open to the risk based questions..but don't do over, I think i got care free and more open to the risk.

3 Answers

Did you get a revert from them if you didn't clear the round? I had given the test last week and have not heard back from them yet. Want to know how long do they take for the results ? Less

They usually take 1-2 days to revert back if you get selected.

Did anyone get the result for interview at Axxela for CFA Recruitment Drive?

County of Sacramento

Why do you think you're qualified for the position.

2 Answers

You should discuss about your IT experiences and number of years. Then discuss about what you can positively contribute to the Department/County of Sacramento for improving their IT systems process. Less

I stated my current experience in doing several aspects of the job with knowledge of the other aspects of the job that I currently hand no hands-on experience with. Less


The difference between validation and verification

2 Answers



Cartesian Consulting

given 5 zeroes, use any numerical operation the answer has be 120.

2 Answers

Be confident and showcast your zeal to work good luck!!


Cognizant Technology Solutions

what program would you use to document all the test cases and the defects

2 Answers

quality centre

StarTeam is really wonderful for this, as well as keeping version control.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Why should I hire you?

1 Answers

explain your positive qualities with confidence.

Priogen Group

What would you do if CEO misinterpret your words?

2 Answers

My answer is not important, you should directly talk to him and correct him.

Hi, Can you give a bit more details about the numerical test please. Was it like sequences and all? Also, what questions did they ask at the interview? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks Less

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