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Applebees Bartender/Neighborhood Expert Server was asked...21 July 2013

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

12 Answers

When applying for a pizza delivery person, one question was how I could benefit from scissors. Less

The idea that this interview question has anything to do with hiring the best employees for a restaurant chain. Less

Funny you should ask that... I just got a text from Friday's saying I got the job I was interviewing for last week - with double the amount of pay I was asking for. Would you like to try and beat their offer ? Less

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Hampton Inn by Hilton
Bartender was asked...12 February 2020

Do you have any experience in the hotel industry?

3 Answers

I have 6 years in the hospitality business and 15 years in costumer service.

No but I’m willing to learn and I catch on quick



What would you do if a guest was too intoxicated and how would you handle the situation?

4 Answers

I would suggest non alcoholic beverage

I would offer water and a appetizer! If the kitchen is closed I would provide bar snacks. (Chips/pretzels )If they were driving I would call a cab or Uber! Soda or coffee doesn’t help ! Only time can help a intoxicated person. Less

First, make sure the guest is safe and behaving appropriately. Inform management of the guest and if any your intentions to handling the guest. If the guest request another alcoholic beverage let them know they should probably order food and a non alcoholic drink. Watch their behavior to see if they improve. If they become unmanageable first give them a warning about their behavior. If still unmanageable ask them to leave until the next day. I personally have paid for guests’ Ubers/Taxi to make home safe and let the guest know if they leave their vehicle I have paid for their Uber/taxi the next morning to retrieve their vehicle. If after food and non alcoholic drinks improve their behavior. Still watch the guest, and hopefully they continue with their visit. Both outcomes the guest will appreciate you in the morning. Less

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Red Lobster

Can you work sundays?

3 Answers

If you can not work sundays do not even bother going for an interview.

Yes I can work Sunday's

yes i do ,

Marriott International

Tell me about a situation where you had to an angry customer whom you had to find a way to resolve their issue.

3 Answers

See the customer as a baby and listen to his words very carefully, find what is his need then solve it. Less

See the customer as a baby and listen to his words very carefully, find what is his need then solve it. Less

See the customer as a baby and listen to him words very carefully, find what is his need then solve it. Less

Caesars Entertainment

am i single

3 Answers


Uhhh not sure if that question was legal and appropriate.

Yes I'm single father with full custody of two girls named Khloe 2yrs old and Kira 1 yr old. This is why I need a good job to raise them better Less

HMG Plus

What are the three Ps of His Hospitality?

3 Answers

(not even Google has an answer to this BS question)

Sounds like a slavery era answer.

Price, People, Property

Bartender was asked...4 September 2017

why would you be a good fit for our team

2 Answers

I have held this position before and believe that my experience and my love for people would make a great addition to the team. Less

Test me if u can.

Bartender was asked...3 December 2015

How to make a traditional manhattan, is it stirred or shaken?

2 Answers

Stirred, 2 oz bourbon 1 oz sweet vermouth with 2-3 dashes of bitters.

With a cherry

P&O Cruises

Will you be comfortable being away from home for months at a time?

2 Answers



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