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Marshfield Clinic
Bioinformatics Scientist was asked...5 June 2018

Can you manipulate bclfastq files?

2 Answers

I described the pipeline I constructed.

lots of script can do bclfastq, why ask this question?

University of Chicago

what data structures do you use in C?

2 Answers

The role doesn't involve C programming.

it had been a while to coding in C, but could pull up some basic ones.


Given a set of XY pairs I want to create a data structure such that searching, insertion and deletion is extremely fast using the X value. But I also want to be able to find the maximum Y value at any given time. What data structure would you use for this problem? How would you keep track of the maximum Y value? This Y value can also get deleted during the process.

2 Answers

Still looking :)

Max Heap

Personal Genome Diagnostics

Do you feel you would fit in a culture of rapid-change?

2 Answers

I hedged my bets. I said that I was fine with rapid-change as long as the goals were clearly defined each time they changed. Less

Yes I do no I will be a good person for the position cause I'm a team player and I like meet different people Less

Massachusetts General Hospital

What do you know about linkage disequilibrium and it's affect on human genetic disease?

2 Answers

Do they request college transcripts? Or is a proof of degree acceptable?

Sounds complicated, but extremely interesting! Did I mention I'm a software guy?


Why should we choose you?

2 Answers

Suppose that we have 10 red marbles and 10 black marbles and two bags and we will pick one marble from each of them. How can we arrange the marbles in the bag such that thw probability that both of the marbles that we pick from bags are red, being maximized? Less

Only put the red ones in the bags.

how do u update their flat seq files on a daily base?

1 Answers

don't plug in your bioperl or db programming here.

BGI Shenzhen

What is the salary you expect?

1 Answers

30,000 hkd

how to prepare for a deadline

1 Answers


Public Health Agency of Canada

Hypothetical - Say you had an appointment scheduled for right after work that you could not miss, but day of your boss really needs you to stay late to finish up a project, what do you do?

1 Answers

It depends. If the project is meeting its final deadline and very important, then I would stay and finish this first. The appointment can be rescheduled anyway. Or, if I must need to have this appointment, I would do the appointment as fast as I can, then come back to finish the project before midnight. Less

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