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One Technologies
Business Intelligence Developer was asked...12 November 2014

None. All questions were relevant to experience and goals.

2 Answers

Two different pictures of work environment given by recruiter and manager. One very rosy and the other more realistic. More importantly, recruiter stressed a great work/life balance and manager did too, but added that I'd be required to work 45 hours per week at least to start. They added further that someone had recently left who could not commit to this. This was a red flag for me and I declined an in-office interview. Less

They have gone through more than 8 developers over a 3 year period. Avoid them if you value your career. They will lie and tar and feather you if they suddenly develop a dislike for you. The manager is insecure, paranoid and plays favorites. Cat lady needs to be medicated. Less


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2 Answers

I couldn't answer this.

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Universal Health Services, Inc.

What is a clustered/non clustered index.

2 Answers

I explained how a clustered index was in sequential physical order on disk and a non clustered index used pointers or a hash table for index lookup. I started to explain the advantages/disadvantages of each index type but the two guys interviewing me just seemed so confused and lost. I think I would have been better of simply saying "it makes lookup faster". Less

I explained how a clustered index was in sequential physical order on disk and a non clustered index used pointers or a hash table for index lookup. I started to explain the advantages/disadvantages of each index type and how I would use them. Less


They ask about your work, Agile methodology concepts, the BI tool you worked on.

2 Answers

All the information about BI tool should be known to us.

You basically need to know the different ways of Agile. Who the Scrum master is and what your role in it would be. Also, knowing the difference between kanban and sprints would be helpful. Also, it's okay if you do not know 'all' of the BI tools. If you have only used SSRS then you can probably also use Power BI, Tableau, or Excel. You know what you know. As long as you show you can adapt easily you will be fine. Less

World Wide Technology

Whats the difference between inner join and outer join?

2 Answers

Inner Join returns values where the key between the two tables are the same, and values are present in both tables. Outer Join returns the Values from both tables, based on the key, even if there is not any data the joining table. If not value is available, then NULL is returned for that specific Row Data based on the Key Less

Specified in the WHERE clause, joins simply combine data from multiple tables in the result. INNER JOIN, the most common, returns the rows for which the given ON condition is satisfied for both tables. LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN statements return all the rows from the specified table regardless if there is a match in the unspecified table, with the matching rows specified in the ON condition in the unspecified table. Less

Western Australia Department of Health

Just very formal welcome (you are lucky if they smile at you); No time for introduce yourself.. They just asking selection criteria, that we already filled and given to them (repetition is boring).. Don't care about their attitudes, because government is tax payer money and go ahead. Answer statements with examples. Always smile and behave like a professional

1 Answers

Talk slowly, listen carefully and answer with examples

PCS Global Tech

how to exchange variable a and b's value without using a third variable?

1 Answers

a = a+b; b = a-b; a=a-b;

Huawei Technologies

Usually technical questions they were.

1 Answers

Explaining my experiences, showing similarities.


They asked questions about solving problems programatically

1 Answers

Wrote a short pseudo code to answer these questions.


What is something good and something bad one (or more) of your references would say about you?

1 Answers

Make sure to turn the negative into a positive how you may be working to improve that flaw Less

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