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What work have you done? work related and experience related

5 Answers

Dod they communicate to yoy about the offer or not then?

No I have followed up many times. They are not answering call... I just asked 5% more than what they were offering...

How much increment did they offer?

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Puzzle: A coin is in one of the inverted bags. First bag says 'Coin is in third bag', second says: 'There is no coin here' and third says: 'There is no coin here'. Considering one statement is true while two are false, where is the coin?

2 Answers

There is a table named GEO, having state and city as it's attribute! Write a query to select the states having the same corresponding city?

1 Answer

Where/How does data gets stored physically in a computer?

1 Answer

Object level security and row level security.

1 Answer

Questions on cursors... which cursor is efficient? why?

1 Answer

SSIS packages - SCD transformation implementation

1 Answer

It was mostly about SQL basics and SSIS.

1 Answer

You have 10 boxes, 9 having 10 gm tablets and 1 having 9gm tablet, find the box having 9gm tablets in one measurement on the electronic weighing machine?

1 Answer

Projects related questions

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