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They kept asking me if I'm planning for a baby.

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I had to say no because I didn't want to falter in anyway and lose this great opportunity. Had I known they were so unprofessional, I wouldn't have answered this question. Secondly, if they can ask me such sensitive questions, why didn't they clear their doubt if I will work there for long term or get bored eventually.

I mirror the same experience. I interviewed for a CRM position. I must say that Cactus is extremely unprofessional in asking personal questions. In the first place such questions have no place in an interview. they have silly questions inquiring about my family plans and whether i plan to have a kid anytime soon. They sounded overly concerned about my place of stay in Mumbai if I got the job. Their concern was regarding my travel time. I want to know if ALL cactus employees live in Andheri itself? Is that really possible? I was asked about this at every stage of interview. They also seemed to be concerned with the fact that what would I do if my husband gets transfered to a new city (an extremely bleak possibility). IS it that one who joins Cactus, never leaves the orgn? I don't think so.They are truly unprofessional in conducting interviews.

It is definitely disappointing to have cleared the technical rounds and not get selected just because the HR seems to have some apprehensions. As if the HR manager won't leave the job, if she finds a better opportunity. With this experience, I've learnt that it's not our technical skills that matter to them, but our personal goals in life. Why on earth would a candidate leave all the other companies and apply here if he/she is not interested to join or work for a long term? Well, thank you anonymous for your comment.

How good is your language skill

3 Answers

Company asked... we inspired students, we modified our product, we grateful to our colleagues. what we can get from you?

2 Answers

Do you know what Search Engines are?

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the essay topic is too tricky

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why packt?

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no questions asked, deputy editor just went on about journalism

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No questions were asked. I was warned that there would be no work life balance.

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If one is coming from same vertical give special attention when you're asked as to why do you want to leave your current employer if any.

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Are you willing to take up the challenge.?

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