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The Top Mgmt tried calling my previous employer in front of me, to confirm some of the facts and figure because he was knowing someone there.

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Non-professional approach

He would be satisfied with my works but not afford my salary as I wants

As I explained my experience in my CV/Resume total technical expernce in Delhi Vidyut Board and BSES R Power Ltd.- Delhi

they asked what if they have three branches of their company in three diffrent geographical areas and network of location A should b accessible to B but not to C or some nodes of C

2 Answers

What do you know about PLM??

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7 Layers of OSI Module.

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How RIP Runs over Cisco Switches ?

2 Answers

Tell us something about you

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The question that caught me off guard was that, if another company offered a job with the same profile but with a much higher salary and much more facilities, would you still prefer to work with us?

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If you were the CEO of IBM, what would you do?

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Required skills should be discussed---or related skills that will improve during training

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Justication for the role offered.

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