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The Top Mgmt tried calling my previous employer in front of me, to confirm some of the facts and figure because he was knowing someone there.

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Non-professional approach

He would be satisfied with my works but not afford my salary as I wants

As I explained my experience in my CV/Resume total technical expernce in Delhi Vidyut Board and BSES R Power Ltd.- Delhi

they asked what if they have three branches of their company in three diffrent geographical areas and network of location A should b accessible to B but not to C or some nodes of C

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->this test cosists of foll: a. 12 words -are given and u have to form a short essay out of these words: for ex:call,present,follow, respond, concern,part,absorb,,etc.. b. precis writing- there was a passage about sea turtle.. i had to write it in 150 words. c. 9 sentences are have sequentially arrange them. There were paras about organizing content..(logical, webs,hierarchy..etc) d. then there are 4 visual images given: u hv to narrate a short story about it.: like the first image was that of two tennis players,then the second image consisted of girl holding the racket, then the third girl falls and injures herself, then the fourth medical help is called, then the fifth she wins the match. e. then words are given , you have to draw an image that comes to your mind or describe them: for ex: personal-professional balance, fractio 1/2= fraction 4/8, data security, team conflict, boiling point freezing point f. from a 3rd standard classbook, concept of perimeter is mentioned: the concept is described, you have to frame quiz questions (2 question s have to be formed along with the answers) All the best!!

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What do you know about PLM??

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7 Layers of OSI Module.

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How RIP Runs over Cisco Switches ?

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Tell us something about you

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The question that caught me off guard was that, if another company offered a job with the same profile but with a much higher salary and much more facilities, would you still prefer to work with us?

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If you were the CEO of IBM, what would you do?

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Required skills should be discussed---or related skills that will improve during training

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