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what is the HD?

7 Answers

High degination


high definition

(Puzzle - not asked to me but to others) Burning rope. A non -uniform rope burn fully in 1 hour. You have two ropes and have to measure 45 minutes. You also have a lighter

2 Answers

Code to find whether the input year is a leap year or not.

1 Answer

do you like analog or digital

1 Answer

Which career would you like to prefer - Technical or Managerial ?

2 Answers

OOPs concepts

1 Answer

Which among the projects you have done are challenging

1 Answer

They asked about our topic which was written by us. After this, they asked about work experience and time management and goal setting program which was held in our college.

1 Answer

Basic C questions : Null pointer,Calloc(),simple C code snippets outputs .. DSP :Nyquist freq Linear Algebra : Eigen Values All the questions are available in Glassdoor

1 Answer

about the Indian economy and gold and silver prices

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