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what is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in between 2:20

9 Answers


60 deg


Use 12V supply to provide 2V supply

5 Answers

You have a machine that can create anything. You just have to specify the details, and voila, it will give you the output. Design test cases for such a machine

4 Answers

how to count the instances of a class?

3 Answers

Swapping integers without using additional space

3 Answers

The interviewer asking me if I could help him get a job in Microsoft.

3 Answers

How many layers are there in OSI

3 Answers

Write a program in C to add two numbers without using any maths operator (+, -, /, *).

4 Answers

propose a method to search for substring inside a string (normal answers didn't work out, he was looking for a conceptual answer)

2 Answers

What is the most appropiate DS to implement a T9 dictionary

2 Answers
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