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Junior Business Analyst was asked...22 July 2019

You have a cube which is built from smaller cubes, dimensions are 10x10x10cubes. The cube fell into a bucket with red paint. How many cubes left uncoloured.

12 Answers

I got 512, just counted all the cubes inside (hopefully correctly 😁👌)

Cube is 10 x 10 x 10 meaning W=10, L=10 D=10. To get the total number of cubes we need to calculate the area of 1 face of the cube (L10 x W10 = 100) and multiply it by D10 = 1000 cubes inside. Now if the cube fell into a bucket with red paint the only cubes that won't be colored are those on the inside. therefore we know that a cube has 6 faces, each of them has (L10 x W10) cubes, therefore 1000 - (100 x 6) = 400 cubes won't be colored. Less

pretty sure you've got it totally wrong

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Why do underground stations have three times more exits than entrances? 4 people want to cross a river. You have one barge that can hold no more than two passengers at a time. The first passenger rows at such speed that it takes him 1 min to cross the river. It takes the second 2 min, the third 5 min and the fourth 10 min. When there are two people in the barge, the slowest rower determines the speed at which they cross the river. What is the shortest amount of time in which you can get all 4 people to cross the river?

5 Answers

To expand on the 17 min: 2 and 1 go = 2 min -- 2 is on other side 1 comes back = 1 min 10 and 5 go = 10 min -- 10 and 5 is on other side 2 comes back = 2 min 2 and 1 goes = 2 min -- 2 and 1 now also on other side 2+1+10+2+2 = 17 Less

Nope. 19 is correct. First trip: The 10 min rower and the 1 min rower. 10 min to go, 1 min to come back (11 min) Second trip: 1 min rower and 5 min rower. 5 min to go, 1 min to come back (17 min) Third trip: 1 min rower and 2 min rower. 2 min to go (19 min total) If you needed to think this in a different way, the slowest rower available for crossing must always be in the boat with the fastest (since there would be no point in adding another slow rower since they would add extra time on the way back). Less

17 min is right: 2+1+10+2+2 = 17

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For a given array count combination of pairs of (x,y) whose sum is N.

4 Answers

int[] list = {7,6,2,3,4,5}; int N=9; int count=0; for(int i=0;i

Three solutions I gave. 1. Sort the array in O(nlogn). Min and Max as two indices. Count=0 Loop if A[Min]+A[Max]N Decrement (Max) else Increment(Count) End 2. Using extra space and count sort if the minima and maxima of array sets are in a given range. Max absolute negative number subtracted to keep numbers in positive number space. Loop if Memory[N- A[i]- Min] Increment(Count) End 3. Create a Hashset/Hashtable. Look for N-A[i] and increment count if found. Loop if Get(N- A[i]) Increment (Count) else Push(A[i]) End Less

the complexity of ur solution is not so good you can do better

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(talk about yourself, start date, do you have any questions)

4 Answers

Hey there! Could you please tell me more about the online test? (like what kind of questions were involved). I have to do the test soon myself. I will be indebted to you :) Less

It was an Aptitude test, try to practice before taking the test. And some behavioral questions. Less

So it was just basic math and logic? Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer :) Less

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Iguá Saneamento

Experiência de vida e trabalho.

3 Answers

Responder o que já fez e ser totalmente sincero.

Trabalhei 2 anos e meio em uma gráfica, setor de artes sem carteira assinada, trabalhei 15 anos na empresa tubarão Sports na área de artes, lá tirava nota fiscal de vez em quando, atendia telefone e fazia atendimento ao cliente. Less

Trabalhei 2 anos e meio em uma gráfica, setor de artes sem carteira assinada, trabalhei 15 anos na empresa tubarão Sports na área de artes, lá tirava nota fiscal de vez em quando, atendia telefone e fazia atendimento ao cliente. Less

Staffigo Technical Services

What software do you use for analyzing data?

3 Answers

Ibm data analytics

Documentation: MS Word. Knowing how to use Word is not an end in itself but a means to various ends; what really matters is to put Word to effective use for the unique, specific purposes of your project. Presentation: MS Powerpoint. Similar rules as above. Data Analysis: MS Excel, SQL querying. Modeling, Flowcharts: MS Visio, eDraw. Wireframing, Mockups: Pencil, Balsamiq, MS Visio. Less

Peach 3 and SPSS


Are you comfortable doing night shifts

3 Answers

They called you after 3 Rounds of interview




There were 3 rounds-aptitude including eassy writing, HR, technical. Aptitude questions like biggest bank in terms of assets,what is direct tax,who is d ceo of crisiln all. in short aptitude round was a cake walk. In HR round questions like tell me about urself and your projects which you hv done till nw, 5 ratios for SME company, how you will analyse SME company. what is deferred revenue expenditure..

3 Answers

best auto insurance

best auto insurance

As the CTC was extremely low(1.8 lakh for a year), i did not sit for technical round and walked away from there. Less

Da Vinci Derivatives

A small example: for example is if 5^13 is bigger or 13^5

3 Answers

what i would do, 5^13= 25^12; you can immediately see that the base and power is bigger Less

Ofcourse , 5^13 is bigger.

This question is solved using the function x^(1/x). This function is increasing upto x=e. After that it's derivative is negative, making it a decreasing function, thus 5^(1/5) > 13^(1/13) and raising both sides of the equation by 65, we can get 5^13> 13^5. Less


What is the formula of the enterprise value ?

3 Answers

EV =EqV + NCI +Net Debt


EV = EqV + NCI + Prefered Stock + debt + provisions dont le risque n'est pas présent dans les états fi- associate - cash - pertes d'exploit - actifs hors exploit Less

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