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4 _?_ 4 _?_ 4 = 20 Put the proper operators to get the output.

5 Answers

(4*4)+4 = 20


Only 4's are there....no six... and you can't add more 4... its like 4 ___4___4 = 20 Now play with the operators....

Why you want to join Maruti Suzuki?

3 Answers

Differentiate C and C++.

2 Answers

how to determine controller is little endian or bigendane

2 Answers

Aptitude is easier, once u get thru apti, prepare SQL well(if u have mentioned anything about SQL in ur resume)for technical round....time consuming interview process...sometimes you can expect 2 interviwers @ the same time for tech while others have only one...nothing unexpected...if u r confident in wat u have studied then u'll obviously get thru..

2 Answers

Would you like to take your pants off if offered 10000 Rs. by your boss?

2 Answers

Why you want to prefer a job in south region especially Bengaluru?

1 Answer

Why you think you self to became selected for this job? What is the "twink" in you?

1 Answer

About the projects that I had done

1 Answer

Related to the Collection framework

1 Answer
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