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tell me about yourself

36 Answers

Hello, can you tell what type of questions they asked in 2nd coding round?

Shortest path algorithm and implement a class that implements the interface and write all the methods as per their specification and reach all test cases .

And what about the mcq questions?

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implement the dynamic polymorphism

23 Answers

write a program to print the given series (user need to enter the nth series number from keyboard) 2,3,5,11,23,29,41,53,83,89 .....n

11 Answers

question mostly about output prediction of java code

5 Answers

What can handle the 1300ton injection moulding machine. ?

5 Answers

What is the difference between stress and pressure Difference between axle and shaft. What is CATIA. Expand. and other questions related to CATIA

4 Answers

Why you want to join Maruti Suzuki?

3 Answers

what is your marks (%age) in last semester?

4 Answers

4 _?_ 4 _?_ 4 = 20 Put the proper operators to get the output.

6 Answers

what is your parents dream? how you are going achieve that dream?

4 Answers
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