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how will you travel here, as we don't provide cab?

2 Answers

Why the traveling can be issue for hiring

Yeah no problem i will manage myself

Parts in Revit

2 Answers

What is the dream that you cherish but cannot fulfill ?

2 Answers

complete revit mep modelling of auditorium in just 45 minutes.

3 Answers

How much percentage of your time do you like to work with computers

1 Answer

Tell me about the choice you had to make to decide on your career starting from higher secondary level!

1 Answer

Strengths, Weaknesses,Projects

1 Answer

1)What is the probability of getting a sum of 15 when 2 dice are rolled?

2 Answers

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They only wanted to see the softwares skills and sent a test for the same, to be submitted when ready.

1 Answer

Previous Job experience and Excel knowledge.

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