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Use 10 trees and plant them in 4 rows such that each row has atleast 4 trees

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try diagonal star shape

try diagonal

by put it in " s "shape

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It was easy... consist of puzzles & case studies.

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The programs that i encountered: 1.Get the average marks from user and if avg>=80&&avg>=100 print grade A. avg>=60&&avg<=79 print grade B,else grade C. 2.write a program for the series 1,2,2,4,8,32. 3.write a function that accepts int array as parameter and print the sorted array. 4.draw a flow chart for the question 1. 5.write a function that accept string as a parameter and prints the number of vowels . 6.write an abstract class and performs the string length and reverse string operation. 7.write a class program with default and parameterized constructor and perform constructor overloading operation. 8.write a program for string validation. • Should not start with ‘.’ And should end with ‘.’ • The string must contain at least 3 spaces. • Size of the string not more than 20. 9.write a program for email validation • There is only one @ symbol • ‘.’ should come after the @ symbol • Should not start with ‘.’

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write a program in c++ with this pointer

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Explain the OOPS concepts with real time example.

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Print a singly linked list in reverse order with O(1) as space complexity and O(n) as time complexity.

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SQL query to get value from previous or next column if values are NULL in current column.

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They were asking about logical questions

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