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Hash Map - Deep dive

1 Answer

How buckets are foound, how elements are saved

test cases for notepad :)

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How will you manage multilingual (Hundreds of languages) testing of a Product in a very very short notice i.e. you cannot test all of them.

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Given a string, konylabsinterview write a program to return bool if a given pattern matches.pattern example - kon*lab*terview*

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How do you check whether String contains any duplicate characters?

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Round 1:- Telephonic round with collabedit -All basic and tricky question related to dns, shell , pattern, linux, python , debugging and puzzle Round 2:- face2face Technical round with 1 person-Clear -same as round 1 but explained on board. Round 3:- Technical round with 2 person -Programming skill check , Program writting for sorting, occurance and tricky and mathematical puzzle. Round 4: :-Technical round 2nd Question:-"Write a program to grep the pattern from the file and return the line number which has maximum 1. 0110101010010 1101010010101 0110101111111 1111111111100 0100101010010 1000001010100 I wrote:- import io r=open("file.txt",'w+') r.write('0110101010010\n1101010010101\n0110101111111\n1111111111100\n0100101010010\n1000001010100') r.close() index=0 count=0 linenumber=0 val='' for i in open("file.txt",'r'): num1count=1 linenumber+=1 for j in range(len(i)): print i[j] if i[j] is '1': num1count+=1 if count

Logic for HEX to OCT conversion using any programming language.

Round 1: SDET Director It wend pretty well. Interviewer was knowledgeable and asked the questions around past projects and managerial skill Round 2: SDE Director Focus was on algorithmic questions. 1. Print tree in zigzag manner 2. in 2D-array if elements are in increasing order in Row and column then find the particular element Interviewer was calm and cool. I couldn't give the answer for questions as I was not prepared well I was happy with the interview experience till this point Round 3 : Sr SDET Manager Was asked mainly around the processes followed in my company and couple of random questions. In this round interviewer was talking more than me. Round 4 : Sr SDET Manager Interviewer had some questions and was expecting the same answers which he had in mind. I was expecting maturity level for person with such designation And as usual no feedback from HR team.