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Consider a stack of N number of cards which are piled up and in facing down. Each card has a unique number from the range 1 to N. The card is stacked in such a way that it exhibits the following behavior: Take the first card and put it under the stack without revealing. Now the next card on the top will have the number 1 on it. Next take 2 cards one after the other and put is under the stack without revealing. Yes you guessed it right - the next card on the top will reveal a value of 2. This goes on. Eg. for such a series : 9,1,8,5,2,4,7,6,3,10 [for N=10] Write a program to generate such a series for a given N number of cards so that this behavior can be exercised.

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Possible implementation in C++ -------------------------------------------------- int CounterStep(int counter,int N); int LocatePosition(int *cards,int N, int startPointer,int value); using namespace std; void main() { int cards[20]; int N=20; int POS = 0,TOP = 0; // Initializing everything to zero for(int i=0;i

Written in Python although it can be re-written in C/C++ if required. def generateSpecialSeries(numberOfCards): specialSeries = [] if numberOfCards > 0: for i in range(numberOfCards, 0, -1): specialSeries.append(i) currentSpecialElement = 1 currentIndex = 1 while currentIndex < numberOfCards: indexOfCurrentSpecialElement = numberOfCards - currentSpecialElement specialSeries[currentIndex], specialSeries[indexOfCurrentSpecialElement] = specialSeries[indexOfCurrentSpecialElement], specialSeries[currentIndex] currentSpecialElement += 1 currentIndex += currentSpecialElement + 1 return specialSeries specialSeries = generateSpecialSeries(50) print specialSeries specialElement = 1 specialElementSum = 1 currentIndex = 1 while currentIndex < 50: print specialSeries[currentIndex] == specialElement specialElement += 1 specialElementSum += specialElement currentIndex += specialElement + 1

// Short and simple C++ algorithm #define N 10 void compute(int stack[]) // Make sure N elements are allocated { int j=0; for(int i=0; i

Sorting Algorithms Optimizations from 2 loops to just 1 loop

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In a sequence of alphabets (like aaabbddaabbcc) write a program to find the number of the consecutive alphabets in and print the alphabet and number. example :if input is aaabbddaabbcc then output should be 3a, 2b, 2d, 2a, 2b, 2c

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given a linked list which has two types of pointers, a normal next pointer which points to next element in the list and random pointer which points to random element in the list. Question was to clone this linked list

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how to merge two linked lists without using temp node

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in final 10 min he give me problem to find median of two shorted arrays

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Remove all characters of a string from another string. The algorithm should be less than O(m*n) where m & n are lengths of strings and the space used should be less than O(m+n).

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They gave me a "WAP for automating the search functionality of an e-commerce website. " Which was divided into: 1)validating the item name, price, delivery details. out of which the last one only comes to play on payment scenario, which was neither directly or indirectly mentioned in the question. When asked, they fumbled themselves an went over the question then and there and realised once i pointed out that the scenario under test and the requirement mentioned does not fall in the same user flow. 2) Generate a JSON file which records all the prices for the searched item. After round: 1) Project related 2) Performance architecture for my project

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Write algorithm for c compiler.

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Hash Map - Deep dive

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