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Software development engineer in test Interview Questions


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Data structures and Algorithms related

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Iam ready

plz tell me which type of question put up in interview

Consider a stack of N number of cards which are piled up and in facing down. Each card has a unique number from the range 1 to N. The card is stacked in such a way that it exhibits the following behavior: Take the first card and put it under the stack without revealing. Now the next card on the top will have the number 1 on it. Next take 2 cards one after the other and put is under the stack without revealing. Yes you guessed it right - the next card on the top will reveal a value of 2. This goes on. Eg. for such a series : 9,1,8,5,2,4,7,6,3,10 [for N=10] Write a program to generate such a series for a given N number of cards so that this behavior can be exercised.

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Given a string, konylabsinterview write a program to return bool if a given pattern matches.pattern example - kon*lab*terview*

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In a sequence of alphabets (like aaabbddaabbcc) write a program to find the number of the consecutive alphabets in and print the alphabet and number. example :if input is aaabbddaabbcc then output should be 3a, 2b, 2d, 2a, 2b, 2c

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Sorting Algorithms Optimizations from 2 loops to just 1 loop

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wap to search an element in a rotated array ?, wap to merge and then sort 3 different linked lists.?

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given a linked list which has two types of pointers, a normal next pointer which points to next element in the list and random pointer which points to random element in the list. Question was to clone this linked list

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how to merge two linked lists without using temp node

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Remove all characters of a string from another string. The algorithm should be less than O(m*n) where m & n are lengths of strings and the space used should be less than O(m+n).

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Write a program to find out in a sorted array the sum of any two numbers present in the array is closest to the a number given. if you have an array 4, 6, 8,24,36 and the given number is 31 then output should be 24 + 6 = 30

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