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You have two methods: one method takes long time to run and the other completes in short time. You execute the long method first and after that you execute the short method. Which one will complete first. There is no setTimeout involved.

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My answer: The long method finishes first and then short method executes and completes. Expected answer: The short method returns first!

the short method returns first! is the right answer since two methods will run parallel. As javascript is async events handling. You may right if had quested him is the methods run in sequence.

@Anonymous. It looks like you have not read the question well. It says that there is no setTimeout[) involved. If you have read the question, I have some questions for the answer that you provided. 1. Is asynchronous same as multithreading? I remember reading that JavaScript is single-threaded. 2. Suppose the short method depends on some value modified by the long method. As you said, lets suppose that the short method returns first even though it is next to the long method in sequence. In this case, how do you manage your program?

What is the output of below program. var a = [1,2,3,4] for (var i=0; i3 Answers

Creating dynamic table

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Tell me about ur selef?

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find loop in linkedlist?

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Why JavaScript is used in browsers? Why not the languages Java, Python or Ruby?

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What is the difference between these declarations? function a(){ } var a = function(){ }

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What are your best skill sets?

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for grid structure in bootstrap, how many grids are there and why

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What would be the class of the container, for a strcture where you have container with title and image.

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