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write a sql query to swap the genders i.e. from male to female and vice versa ?

4 Answers

update table_Name set gender=case when gender='Male' then 'Female' when gender='Female' then 'Male' end

thanks..can u please post other question

i want list of rheal sql questions...pls help me

For freshers basic knowledge of oops , sql and mvc . after there will be a machine test.

1 Answer

They asked me about reflection in java.

1 Answer

Basic CSE questions and project details.

1 Answer

they asked sql queries?

1 Answer

Knowledge about database ??

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SQL is must if you are going for Bitwise and Oops concepts is enough but logic is what which helps you here. They may ask you different patterns , Puzzles, N-Queen problem.

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SQL queries and output based on tables that are given, Html forms, Javascript basic but confusing questions, Sorting and then optimising it based on requirement,

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How can you take values from two tables?

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Logical and technical knowledge was the main concern in the interview, interviewer was technically very strong and all the questions asked were very good and thought provoking.

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