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write a sql query to swap the genders i.e. from male to female and vice versa ?

4 Answers

update table_Name set gender=case when gender='Male' then 'Female' when gender='Female' then 'Male' end

thanks..can u please post other question

i want list of rheal sql questions...pls help me

SQL is must if you are going for Bitwise and Oops concepts is enough but logic is what which helps you here. They may ask you different patterns , Puzzles, N-Queen problem.

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Technical questions like oops, c#, sql, performance tuning

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basic of C,C++,OS

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SQL queries and output based on tables that are given, Html forms, Javascript basic but confusing questions, Sorting and then optimising it based on requirement,

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In interviews First round of the HR of the company check all my qualification data with associated subject and college after completed this step continue my Technical round with hard and hard questions .

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have you done deployement

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They asked me about reflection in java.

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Beginner Level Techincal questions were asked

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the unexpected question used to be in salary

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