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Ian Martin Group
Tech Writer was asked...15 March 2018

If I am interested in the position, my salary expectations, does the location suits me, my professional background and education, previous employer, familiarity with tools, portfolio, dates for the interview, terms of the contract, possibility of contract extension, my goals,

2 Answers


Best on the position of the job and responsibilities


Q: Do you think you'd like living in the Hood River area?

1 Answers

A: No. I have been here a few days scouting the area... and gas here is a full $1.50 more per gallon that at home. Housing is almost unobtainable. It's a beautiful area, but I don't think there is any way I could afford to bring a family here. The Oregon state taxes are high, the local taxes and property taxes are ludicrously high... add the inclement weather and I just don't think the opportunity is much of an opportunity for me. If I lived here, I'd literally be clearing 40% less after expenses per month than in my previous job... just due to cost of living and tax increases. This job is for a desperate job seeker looking for a temporary stop-gap... not a career writer like myself. Less


Do you know an owl symbol means ?

1 Answers

Yes - it's a hidden code in Word that denotes a hard paragraph break.

Tech Writer was asked...25 November 2013

No unexpected questions. Asked normal questions related to my ability and experience in getting the job done.

1 Answers

Shared my background and details of my similar work experience to demonstrate my abilities. No surprises. Less

Tech Writer was asked...27 February 2012

We have our own in-house documentation software. How willing are you to use that?

1 Answers

I'm a professional. If James Galway can turn out a good tune on a tin whistle, I can produce good results in whatever environment you have. Less

Leonardo DRS

What are your hobbies, personal interests?

1 Answers

Always makes me wonder what the person asking is really looking for. Is it just an inside look at a person or is there something tell-tale in certain responses. I chose a couple of hobbies that are interesting, yet rather generic. Nothing outrageous. Less

Leonardo DRS

Not unexpected, but a question to be fully prepared for: "What was the most significant and challenging project you worked on at your previous employer? Describe in full detail how you approached it and walk us through the entire process, beginning to end. Was it successful, how and why?"

1 Answers

First, I reminded myself that I was not in a time sensitive situation and that I needed to approach the answer in a calm and well thought out progression of details. Less


Give me one instance where you totally f***ed up. How did that work out for you?

1 Answers

What's your motivation to write?

Berry Appleman & Leiden

Look at this code and tell me how it works.

1 Answers

You have to be able to read code if you are applying for a tech writer job doing code, so I was able to, and got the job! Less

Blue Shield Of California

Would you have trouble getting to work on time?

1 Answers

No, I am a mid-career professional.

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