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Captain Words
Ghost Writer Editor Translator was asked...6 November 2021

1. Which languages I knew; 2. Which topics were my favorite; 3. Which topics I didn't like; 4. Known/Unknown fields (like iGaming, fish, beauty, nails, babies, engineering...) 5. If I wanted to work with Russian and Turkish languages apart from Georgian. 6. How many hours a day I could work for Captain Words.

1 Answers

Regarding known/unknown fields and topics I said that as an experienced linguist I have worked on translation of several content, my favorite topics to work with were investigation of crimes, court records, autopsy results, insurance. As an experienced foreign languages teacher I have been correcting written tests and assignments of my students. Instead of proofreading badly translated documents several companies were asking me to translate them. I used to work in Google loft as an audio files transcriber (Georgian language). I had more than 2 years experience of working in Microsoft Teams. Since I had Red Diploma in Russian and Georgian languages and 3 Certificates in Turkish language I agreed on offer to work with Russian and Turkish languages. In written online form I submitted that I could work for 5 or 6 hours a day for Captain Words but due to permanently changed timetable on Teams Microsoft I could work for 2 or 3 hours a day in working days for them and for 5 hours or a bit more on weekends. Less


Perché vuoi lavorare con noi?

1 Answers

Perché é un'azienda in crescita e internazionale


How come you were ever hired as a translator without a certification?

1 Answers

I can write French very well and I understand English very well (in my head: why on earth did you ask me for an interview???). Less


What problems you encountered while translating the text?

1 Answers

Different language has different phrases and one cannot translate literally.

Microchip Technology

Do you have any strong religious beliefs?

1 Answers

I don't think this is an appropriate question for you to ask me.

America In Arabic

What's the latest most interesting piece of news you read?

Costello Medical

When will you start to work?

Beijing Review

Very casual interview for part time position.

First Beat Media

There are really no difficult or unexpected question. You will be asked about your skills concerning the position you applied for. And you can also ask every question you might have and will get an honest answer.


Could you write manuals and manage the portal worldwide?

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