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  • Bhumika Patel ran the Boston Marathon as the official guide for a fellow IBMer. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Stories like these represent what makes IBM truly special: The strong desire of IBMers to help and inspire fellow IBMers.

  • Building An Inclusive Workforce In The Age Of AI

    IBM BrandVoice: Building An Inclusive Workforce In The Age Of AI

    As members of the business community, we are rightly concerned about the gulf between industry needs and workforce readiness in the age of AI. To address that concern, IBM makes a significant investment each year on reskilling and upskilling our employees, and we are deeply involved in education policy and programs worldwide.

  • Future-Proof Your Career: 4 Ways To Enhance Your People Skills

  • Featured Reliability Leader: Lisa Seacat DeLuca

    Featured Reliability Leader: Lisa Seacat DeLuca - Reliabilityweb

    INNOVATOR When someone is named as one of the top "49 Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Reshaping the Business World" ( Entrepreneurs Magazine, 2019) and " World's 50 Most Fascinating People in the World of Technology" (Network, 2014), you know that you have someone that is changing the world.

  • IBMer Spotlight: Meet Bhumika Patel. She has been profiled as ‘India’s leading lady’ and ‘Woman inspiring a generation’ by World Marathon Majors in August 2019, in addition to other recognition(s). Get to know this Super IBMer a little more as she shares what makes her love her work at IBM!

  • "During my campus internship, I really loved the idea of how quality is considered paramount at IBM, and it now amazes me that I have completed 14 years in the same company! I love the idea of attaining your desired skills by learning, collaborating and working across multi-disciplinary functional teams. As a manager, I ensure that I listen to my team about their career aspirations, goals, and objectives and then suggest how to hone their domain/industry skills in the growth areas. I also motivate them by sharing experiences from my own journey in the company. I have a vibrant team of millennials and GenZ who work with experienced senior leaders without any bureaucratic barriers. Over time, I have discovered that to work with millennials, a manager has to be receptive, accessible and a great listener to make them feel comfortable and to realize their full potential." - Steven Sequeira, Manager, IBM. Join Steven at #IBM:

  • Don’t Be the Victim of Job Scams: Watching Out for Red Flags

    Don't Be the Victim of Job Scams: Watching Out for Red Flags - IBM Careers Blog

    People looking for jobs are vulnerable to scams that lure them into fake opportunities and ask them to provide personal information or pay for services upfront. Here are some of the red flags to watch out for.

  • IIT Guwahati and IBM have developed an AI-powered​ tool to boost the culture of Electric Vehicles in India.

    IIT Guwahati and IBM develop an AI-powered 'Smart-Engineer' to boost EV culture

    GUWAHATI: To advance greater penetration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the nation's roads, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) today announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) - assisted engineering system design tool: Smart-Engineer.

  • “I joined IBM over 12 years ago and have donned a variety of roles ranging from Staffing to Project Management. I currently work in the Knowledge Sharing (KS) Team, as a part of Global Learning & Knowledge, wherein I Lead the Global Knowledge Sharing Content Acquisition & Global Knowledge Specialist (India) teams. I feel IBM truly empowers and enables​ women to develop their professional and leadership skills to become better managers and leaders. For women to ascend the corporate ladder, the support of her family is paramount. I am fortunate to have the unconditional backing of my family that accords me to take new and challenging assignments. Being the First Line Manager, the advice I give to all my team members is to maintain an ideal work-life balance. Often with global teams, the time zone is our challenge and usually, a major part of the evening is spent in the overlap between the different time zones. This is where a manager or a leader can help by providing flexible work options in accordance with the policies." - Ferzeen Cooper, IBM.

  • A professional hacker reveals how to create the best possible password

    A professional hacker reveals how to create the best possible password

    Creating a strong password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess can be tricky. That's why IBM's Etay Maor suggests using a lengthy phrase as your password rather than a random string of numbers. Since a phrase is notably longer than the typical password, it would be much more difficult for an algorithm to crack it.

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