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Advisory Manager was asked...17 July 2012

Suppose there are many team members who are unhappy with the role they are assigned and want to change roles. However, the current requirements am require them to continue performing their current roles? How would you handle such a situation?

6 Answers

i gave them friendly envirmnt and i also work them with like friend so that they do their role very justice fully Less

Motivate them to a perform their task to a particular time untill they are intrested or provide an oppurrtunity that the top most performer will be rewarded with their desired roles. Less

I will try to provide friendly environment to them, try to lessen the work pressure as well as will appreciate their and if possible give them rewards. Rewards and appreciations are great motivators. Less

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How do you take care of cost and profitability in your projects

3 Answers

Hi! Have heard about your subsequent rounds? Any progress? I guess their processes are quite slow. I am also waiting..............Had applied for a position in Advisory. Less

BTW...just to mention that I interviewed for the same position in Program Advisory services as well. Do let me know. Less

Hi! How did your interview go? Was it the partner interview or the first round/case study interview? I had my case study interview and executive director interview couple of days back. Still waiting to hear back. Less


Tell me about your experiences.

2 Answers

Walk me through your most challenging project.

Do you recall any questions from the video chat?


Interviews were a discussion not question and answer

2 Answers

It was a conversation.

Hello - I had a great first interview with a recruiter. They said they'd get back to me "early next week". That was three weeks ago. I emailed a follow-up and called once. Still radio silence. Is this standard practice of KPMG recruiters? I'm a little disheartened. Less

Business for Social Responsibility

Social responsibility challenges facing pharma industry.

1 Answers

Offering drugs such as for AIDS and Malaria at rates affordable in the developing world. Less


Are you happy with doing audit support?

1 Answers



The case involved a client who was experiencing declining profitability in one of its lines of business. Two questions were asked: 1) What approach would you use to understand why there is a decline in profitability?, and 2) Calculate revenues by LOB based on percentage of total revenue by year (numbers were provided).

1 Answers

For #1, I listed out what could affect profitability (i.e. decline in revenues, increased operating costs, product substitution, cannibalization, new competition, etc.). #2 was straight-forward multiplication, nothing too difficult. Less


Would you be willing to narrow your focus?

1 Answers

No, because the challenges and opportunities are not independent of other functions in client companies. We need to have a holistic view in the back of our minds even while we are focusing on a specific function Less


technique and behavior questions

1 Answers

Answer based on my working experience.


Are you good at working with teams?

1 Answers

I am good at working with teams

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