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I think you have lot of knowledge in your core field , Why don't you pursue higher education instead of spoiling you career by joining IT

2 Answers

Simply donot accept it. Tell that you have some knowledge in programming and that interests drives me further to take this job. Be frank ! Convince them :p

hey can you help me with gd topics conducted. since i am from electronics background, how should we prepare for technical? is like, we need to learn programming, dbms, etc?

Aptitude was quite easy.. In technical they look only for the attitude. How we are presenting. How we r communicating and all. More than technical he asked about some situations and how you will manage and all

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My experience with the previous employer.

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Certain language algorithms and simple programs to know the interest and knowledge in programming.

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Finding maximum of a number without using any sorting techniques

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Write any program in C++ language eg: Swapping, factorial etc..

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They ask me to write certain logical programs based on array

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Tell me about yourself?

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