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I think you have lot of knowledge in your core field , Why don't you pursue higher education instead of spoiling you career by joining IT

2 Answers

Simply donot accept it. Tell that you have some knowledge in programming and that interests drives me further to take this job. Be frank ! Convince them :p

hey can you help me with gd topics conducted. since i am from electronics background, how should we prepare for technical? is like, we need to learn programming, dbms, etc?

Each round was knock out 1st round : technial ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. Explain storage class in C. 2. Given an array of n integer from 1 to n, 1 value is missing find out which value is missing(optimal solution). 3. explain waterfall model and some basic questions //cleared this round 2nd round : technical ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Tell me about yourself 2. Explain Normalization and its form with example 3. He gave 3 empty table(3 table structures). 1st table column reference to 2nd table column and 2nd table column references to 3rd table column. Now he asked which normal form it is violating. 4. In the same table he filled data and asked to write a query to get data from the table using join.Inner join worked well and was easy. 5. Gave the following code asked what this code will do void x(struct node* head) { if(head->next==NULL) return; x(head->next); printf("%d ",head->data); } //quite simple that it is the code to print the linked list in reverse order. but he asked me to explain it. Did it very well and he said very good. 6. Puzzle 7 full, 7 half-full and 7 empty bottles of beer are given. you have to divide in group of three such that each group has equal no. of bottles and beers too. //cleared this round too. 3rd round : Managerial round ---------------------------------------------------------------- #old guy probably one of the manager. greeted well Only puzzles and few questions from resume, course taken etc 1.Given a cube, dipped into colour and cut into 5x5. how many cubes we will get coloured(total). //I calculated right but said wrong 2. you have 26 similar balls(colour and weight) and 1 ball which is similar to rest 26 but has weight slightly higher then the rest. how many comparisons you require to find the faulty ball on weighing scale. i knew that it is controlled by power of 3 and ans should be 3. but that time i though 3^4 = 27 and said 4........infact i proved also in 4. he said to optimize it but i didn't............. unfortunately after this round they said you are not qualified for hr round. :( Hope this review will help others to get job at sap labs :)

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Tell me about yourself?

1 Answer

Mainly asking about our project

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Asked about my family and what they do

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I had gone for an entrance coaching class after my 12th . So they asked my why i did that

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As being as Electrical Engg. and opting for an IT based company , they asked me why I preffered so

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