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Associate Software Developer Interview Questions


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I think you have lot of knowledge in your core field , Why don't you pursue higher education instead of spoiling you career by joining IT

2 Answers

Simply donot accept it. Tell that you have some knowledge in programming and that interests drives me further to take this job. Be frank ! Convince them :p

hey can you help me with gd topics conducted. since i am from electronics background, how should we prepare for technical? is like, we need to learn programming, dbms, etc?

My experience with the previous employer.

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself?

1 Answer

Reverse an array

1 Answer

Mainly asking about our project

1 Answer

You are given a string s. Your task is to put characters of that string in a m*n matrix such that minimum memory is wasted. m and n can't be 1.

1 Answer

C, C++, Java basic concepts and data structure algorithms, simple logics

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Asked me , where do i see my self in 5 years?

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