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Tell me more about LoginRadius.

2 Answers

Bunch of chutiya chamars and luhars sitting in front of computer

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I run sales worldwide and apologize that you feel the interview process and set up was less than desired. I will ensure this feedback is used for training process. thank you -K

They asked about my experience using different DevOps tools.

technical write scripts/program previous projects experiences

Tell me about yourself . What kind of job are you looking out for?

1 Answer

Basic Linux and DB questions

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They asked about my experience using different DevOps tools.

Overall Interview questions is Java code for inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, bubble sort,and some scenarios questions. SQL query basics, joins, sub query, top second highest mark, least second highest mark.

Tell me the code/template to create 2 VM's without auto scaling group and launch configuration where a VM goes down it should automatically create a new on spot instance

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all related to computer networks and operating system. for the coding round an FTP server implementation was to be done. all manuals and documentation of respective language are provided

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