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Tell me more about LoginRadius.

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I run sales worldwide and apologize that you feel the interview process and set up was less than desired. I will ensure this feedback is used for training process. thank you -K

They asked about my experience using different DevOps tools.

They asked about my experience using different DevOps tools.

Tell me the code/template to create 2 VM's without auto scaling group and launch configuration where a VM goes down it should automatically create a new on spot instance

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Splunk, git, AWS, and how to host web apps in servers

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Mainly what is written in your resume.

Basic unix commands, and bash scripting syntax, version control technology svn, git mysql query Store procedure query branch and merging techniques Defining the branching and the merge strategy, creating baselines and releasing the code.

I was asked to create a script which will connect to multiple server parallely over ssh and and when I run a command it gives output from all those server in a tabular format.

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Basic questions about docker, ansible and git.

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