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MDS Aero
Facilities Engineer was asked...21 February 2016

Details about previous facility management experience

5 Answers

Hey bud. You may want to question your references, and based on your post, I think you proved their decision correct. You likely don't have the facts, and definitely didn't take the high road. Good luck in your search. Less

Thanks for your comment. FYI, They had received my references and then scheduled the 4th interview with me, before they cancelled at the last moment... Less

I understand your frustration, While most of the companies are good enough to provide confirmation of your application and some even provide feedback after rejection or you're profile not been shortlisted. MDS does none of these and that explains all. I feel sad for people working in Engineering/Industrial field as most companies behave that way in our line of work and MDS is no exception. I urge people not to waste there time applying, they don't even bother to reply. Less

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As I have signed confidentiality agreement I cant share interview questions. But it was pure technical interviews and very interesting. You have to be strong professional in your occupation to get an offer.

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I have answered most of the questions, but that was not enough to get an offer. I know which questions I gave wrong answers, because I checked after and improved my Knowledge Base. It is very fair interview process. Less

I attended Google data centre interview recently. The questions were purely application oriented and they testing your expertise in the field. I don't want to reveal the questions but everything is behavioral based. When you are in this situation how u face. They asked me nearly 15 questions. 8 from AHU problem faced daily by HVAC engineer. 3 questions from chiller. 1 from cooling tower, 2 from fire escape and pre actuated pipe. 1 from water treatment. All these questions were purely experienced based and this one cannot be answered other than the expertise who opened the chiller and AHU unit. Not even 1 question in basics, all questions are higher end. Less

Can you share what ability(ex HVAC eletrical...)be need in this position. I mean they listed a lots of qualification but what is most important? Less


Tell me about a time when you were part of a team and had to find a solution to a problem.

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How do you change the speed of a AC motor

2 Answers

NP=120f. N = motor speed (usually in RPMs) P = # of electromagnetic field-producing Poles within the motor. f = frequency of the AC sine wave resulting from generator action of N & P. By algebraically isolating N, which is our question’s target, it becomes evident that the ways to change speed of the AC motor (N) are to either (1) alter the number of Poles in the machine design; or, more practically, (2) raise or lower generated frequency (f) by means of a mechanical governor and/or remotely operated governor speed control switch. Less


UC Health

Expected job challenges

2 Answers

Designing and maintaining the different departments of a health care facility.

Bad company


What are your long-term career goals

2 Answers

Having worked at Chevron for 33 years one aspect of long-term career goals is that in such a massive multinational company, pretty much anything is possible. In those 33 years I found opportunities to work, contribute and learn aspects in a myriad of areas : Exploration/Upstream, Shipping, Pipeline operations, Legal, Treasury, Retail Operations, Health & Safety, Communications, Security & R&D. If there is any one "Long-Term" career goal here it would be to never become complacent. Interact, seek out areas of interest, seek new opportunities and most importantly : be patient but adaptable. Another aspect about Chevron is if you don't understand or want to learn more about a job in a different area, reach out and ask someone who is there - everyone I ever talked to was more than happy to discuss their work and opportunities that might lead to an interesting career change. Market driven, corporate churn is inevitable in an energy company. Use that mechanism to be known to the people in areas you find interesting and you will find yourself there :) Less

I'm not sure yet because I don't have enough experience to know what the available options are. Less

Swamp Head Brewery

How would you deal in a high stress enviroment?

1 Answers

Just fine.. as long as the supervisor was respectful to the employee, and helpful in situations that requires their expertise. Less


Why do you want to work at ExxonMobil

1 Answers

I want more hands on experience compared to my last internship, which was mostly software Less

Chesapeake Energy

How do you feel working in the midst of people with various backgrounds

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It's interesting, and an open mind makes it easy to see no difference, as long as the work goal is the same Less


I asked about Faclities functions.

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I explained the functions

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