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what is recruitment

5 Answers

Recruitment for job in pi company

Stage to hire a person based on skill and behavior with respect to company needs.

Recruitment refers to the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing, suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. Recruitment can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles.

A non HR person taking HR interviews and rejecting candidates without any reason. very disappointing and unethical. First the consultant forces you to be on or before the time given and then make you wait for 2 hours . Company seemed good as per the reviews but the interview process is very lame. No one is bothered to give feedback or the reason of rejection even though the interview went near perfect.

3 Answers

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

Questions on HR Policies , employee laws etc

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A stranger posing as someone from the Company & asking for a coffee !

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Personal Introduction & About my experience

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question on labour laws, internship, hobbies etc.

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Describe how to calculate Provident Fund?

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What changes you will make to this organization

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Tell me about your self

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