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Describe how to calculate Provident Fund?

2 Answers

There are two ways to calculate PF.

HI, Employee 12% employer 3.67% -------------------------------- Total A/C NO 1 ------------------------------- A/C NO 2 1.10 % ADMIN A.C NO 10 8.33% PENSION A/C NO 21 .50% EDLI A/C NO 22 0.01% ADMIN ON EDLI --------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Sarvang shah 9067408464

What do you hate doing the most?

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Why would you like to join Diya

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All random question

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Madam you have ticked you can speak Punjabi however you are from other state which is dominated by some other language how? ... my reaction . -:x

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After going through my cv many times he asked me what experienced i gained after doing a job for 10 years.. he only read the dates and kept on repeating the same question however i corrected him thrice in 10 years i handled more than 4 profiles but he was not interested i believe it was due to age factor.. thn i remain quiet.. coz i respect my experience and learning and the values given by my parents to respect elderly people

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Where do you see yourself after 5 years and how crazy you are to achieve your goals?

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Movement from Business to HR

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Describe your best project and your contribution to it

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