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Items.xml - Don't know the basics on Items.xml and questions are baseless without any proper knowledge Interceptors - Even if you answer the question. The interviewer is not in the position to accept the answer or explain it further. Worst attitude people ever seen . Already received offer from good organization and just attended for and experience.

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Answered the questions practically to the people with bad attitude to listen. The interview will not happen in schedule and they will push it intentionally.

Write a Fibonacci series program with the recursive function.

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about the past work experience

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basic java questions from collection framework, tricky ones from String class etc.

1.what is order managerment when customer place the order what's the next process? 2.what are the xml files in hybris 3.how to create cron job 4. how to create custom component 5.how to create singleton class 6.how to make a singleton class lazy loading 7.what are the immutable classes in java 8. how to save the tables in one to many relation in hybris 9.what is the use of deployment tag 10. what is the structure of generice item i mean how to save the values in this.

Technical question related to core java, spring mvc,hybris core concepts, solr, impex, wcms etc.

Questions were mainly about Hybris flows, Impexes, Items.xml

all are project related questions only like what you done in your project, how testing is done your project.

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