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Are you Okay to work as Sr. Consultant for six months and then we'll think for providing position you applied for

2 Answers

Really a weird question, when you have requested applicants for a particular position why are you not giving the same. If interviewers not good enough to identify good eligible candidates then who gave them rights to spoil someone's career

I too experince the same, the person who took the interview is asking Himalayan blender questions I am ROFL

circular dependency resolution in IOC container Optimization techniques to be following in clustered environment

Tells you to describe and draw one of your architecture solutions. Try to find loopholes in your approach/design. Some made up terms asked. Could not find any on the internet.

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Nothing - If you have been through complete web project life cycle.

They asked to draw a class diagram depicting a car rental system.

Be prepared for Java-J2ee, OOPs, Spring/hibernate/struts framework

asked to design a system to populate large data and pushing the data to some other systems. What technologies can be used

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