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Which is the superclass of all classes?

7 Answers

The Object Class

Object class is the superclass of classes

Object class is the superclass of all the classes

Question were simple.

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tell me abt yourself....?

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1.IS java platform independent ? 2.Jvm too? 3.byte code? 4.12 methods of String ? 5.System.err.println("Hello");? 6.write coding for /create one Custom exception? 7.what are checked and unchecked Exception?

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How will you swap two numbers without using a temp

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself

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First round was a system test

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What is hibernate?

1 Answer

They will check your logical understanding by asking some algo e.g. sorting, searching algos and difficulty will depend on your exp. In my case array was given and interviewer asked me to do sorting with any algo.

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Abstraction and diff between abstract class and Interface.

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