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Was given a set of user requirements for an order management system. Had to come up with an entire solution in 45 min.

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Entire interview was on the design solution. Solution was based on MVC architecture.


its based on the ms architecture

There are n gas stations positioned along a circular road. Each has a limited supply of gas. You can only drive clockwise around the road. You start with zero gas. Knowing how much gas you need to get from each gas station to the next and how much gas you can get at each station, design an algorithm to find the gas station you need to start at to get all the way around the circle.

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Mainly Object oriented concepts (interfaces, polymorphism etc.) and SQL concepts.

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What is your salary? The technical interviewer will ask. If you refuse to tell him, he'll ensure you do not go to the next round.

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Telecom BSS or OSS process overview, they prefers knowledge in telecom domain. this will be changed after merger with Satyam

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They asked silly questions on development and the worst part is that the interviewer has no idea about the question and when I corrected him then he left and didnt ask any question. We can imagine what kind of talent they have currently and what they are looking :)

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Most questions were basic and can be found by searching for "<technologyName> interview questions" on the internet.

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In the final round, the interviewer was a senior delivery manager who was interested to know how I would handle tough situations in an onshore-offshore project.

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Is it Hard to get the exposure in SAP

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There are several legacy applications, each integrated with other in a variety of fashions - like over web-service, or http or sockets or something else. How can we find out what those integrations are without going through code. Make suitable assumptions.

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