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program to print nos. btween 293 and 393 that ends with last digit 5

4 Answers

it should be divisible by 5 and not divisible by 10

for(int iii=293;iii<393;iii++){ if(iii%10==5){ System.out.println(iii); } }

for(int i=293;i<393;i++) { if(i%5==0&i%10!=0) { cout<

Eps Formula..(PAT/ No. of Shares) How do u find.. no of shares in accounting period?

3 Answers

Q1. Input string : A3B2C3D4 Output string should be : AAABBCCCDDDD

3 Answers

oops concept

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

if given string is like aaaabbbaaccccc then output must be a4b3a2c5

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself Are you comfortable in night shifts

2 Answers

1. Projects 2. Code: Palindrome 3. Why the company?

2 Answers

WAP to find sum of first n prime nos. like n=5 then addition would be of 2+3+5+7+11

2 Answers

Estimate total number of emails sent in the world in a day

2 Answers
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