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What is Newton's First Law?

2 Answers

I think 99.99% people ll not expect this question in a interview for logistics trainee.

A body in motion will continue to be in motion, a body at rest will continue to be at rest unless an external force is applied to it

I was asked questions related to IT which were not expected by me

1 Answer

Is expected CTC open for negotiation ?

1 Answer

why do you want to join e commerce Industry?

1 Answer

What is supply chain and what about logistic transportation?

1 Answer

Interviewer asked about my self,my qualification with family background and asked about my work experience, SCM Process , import process logistic , Transport , Project General Insurance ,Warehousing and Vendor Development process.

1 Answer

questions related to excel formulas,office, suitability of working in night shifts.

Professional : Earlier Job description, Reasons for change in Job, Expected Salary etc Personal : Marital status and family background

How do you handle pressure

1 Answer

why should our agency will hire you

1 Answer
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