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Research Engineer - Machine Learning Engineer was asked...16 July 2020

Leetcode medium questions such as dfs, bfs, dp.

1 Answers

just use the standard solutions, it's easy

Bloomberg L.P.

After you have decided which features to use, describe the process of constructing feature-vectors

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It was almost all about tf-idf vectorizer


I was given example data points and was asked how I would analyze and interpret these data.

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I answered the interviewer's questions to the best of my ability but I think they were looking for a more confident, concrete answer than the one I gave (which explained the high uncertainty of any prediction given the very small sample size). Less

Bloomberg L.P.

How do you implement feature selection in text classification?

1 Answers

Mutual information / chi-squared criteria

Bloomberg L.P.

General C++ questions: exceptions in constructors / stack unwinding, step-by-step creation of objects (order of constructors & members initialization), virtual inheritance. Specific question - can you use 'auto_ptr' in vectors?

Median Leetcode question, meaning that they don't have a specific expectation of skill set that the candidate should possess, other than logic and general algorithm on Leetcode.


What is cross-validation? Some algorithm questions (graphs, arrays etc.) ML discussion with a focus on fraud detection

Bloomberg L.P.

Implement function to find all common ancestors of two nodes in a binary tree


Question were related to resume.


Complete one of the projects sent via email.

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