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Full form of ATM.

24 Answers

auto teller machince

Auto teller machince

Any time money

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the test is highly subjective--3 tests 75 marks each--the most bizzare aptitude test ever taken by me.....balance sheet correction, English paragraph correction in the aptitude test...2nd test was for programming and third was essay writing...

18 Answers

Difference between Risk and Issues in Project Management

8 Answers

can u speak french?

10 Answers

Are you ready to join immediately? As in the very next day?

7 Answers

Roles and responsibility of HR, why to change company..

6 Answers

Technical questions about contract management

6 Answers

Is business a war?

4 Answers

Why do you want to join this company

5 Answers

This question about count the number of white Maruti cars in the city is a very common question with this HOD. It is asked during all interviews irrespective of levels.

4 Answers
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