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HTC Global Services
Senior ETL Developer was asked...25 November 2018

Overall experience and previous project details

1 Answers

Explained my project details that worked on

American Family Insurance

Informatica questions , DT Studio questions, personality quiz, questions abt lookup , update strategy , DT studio- serializer , parser etc

1 Answers

answered in detail


How OUTER JOIN works?

1 Answers

OUTER JOIN returns all records that match in either left or right tables.


Mainly about SSIS related things.

1 Answers

Mainly about SSIS


two questions - technical Ab Initio questions , which i had answered starightforward

1 Answers

as best as i can


Explain the process of ETL and SQL queries with scenario bases

1 Answers

Explained better the process of ETL and written query as they expected in that particular scenario Less

Bank of America

If the earlier developer leaves without preparing any document, how would you understand how the jobs are working.

1 Answers

I can understand the pain of lack of proper documentation. Start from the most visible point of the application, probably, the login point to the app. I am a DW / SQL / ETL resource experienced in Prod support for last 4 years over multiple ETL tools. Step-1 : Scheduler Start from scheduler jobs. thats where you cn see the processes being triggered. Scheduler is basically a caller which triggers the process based on the order of execution and time of execution. so, Scheduler is best part. Step - 2 : Landing Area/ETL Layer next, a typical Warehouse application will have second step as either a File handling process or a ETL Sequence/Workflow. Analyse the same in their respective UI's. Step-3 : Warehouse Last one is the Warehouse tables where the data finally settles. Though this is just less than 10 lines, believe me, I was able to document a technically undocumented Control-M >> Unix Shell >> Datastage >> Oracle Warehouse (Partitioned tables) to provide a potential effort required in changing the Landing Area and ETL Tool. so, it took less thn a month to properly document and get it reviewed, where Data tables were close to 120 and ETL components were 250+, not to mention the shell scripts which count up for 80, n scheduler jobs in Control-M which are 50+, all being, luckily Monthly. Support is tough ask, but documenting the technical specs of an undocumented warehouse application is very interesting part... :D i loved it. Less


What COUNT(*) returns?

1 Answers

Returns all records (rows) from a given table.

Tata Consultancy Services

Describe different ytpes of SCD

1 Answers

It has 3 types. Type 1 - Doesn't store history Type 2 - All the history will be stored. Type 3 - Limited history Less


All scenario based questions related to sql,pl/sql,informatica(scd2,perfomance tunning,surrogate key)

1 Answers

I have cleared all the rounds with correct answers. Anyways whatever knowledge you have in the end they will come along with some stupid excuses. Less

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