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Harbor Freight Tools
Retail Sales Associate, Senior Logistics Associate was asked...28 September 2016

How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

6 Answers

Focus, listen and take notes of the actual issues. Read back to the customer to confirm you gave it right. Ask for “Is there anything else?” Keep writing until customer runs out of complaints, calms down, and feels heard and usually is now tired. Ask Customer how he/ she feels the situation should be resolved. Repeat back. Tell Cudtomer your range of authority to be able to approve what they want done. If I can do it and it’s reasonsble. I do it and do something extra asking if the extra thing would be valued. ( like 20% off next purchase) 2. If I can’t do what he/ she wants done, I explain why and come as close as possible. Get agreement and understanding. If he/ she doesn’t agree, offer to escalate to higher level - and point out time delay for hearing back and may not get a better resolution. Bottom line, when possible I try to provide a value added additional at 33% higher than expectation. Why - because bad news travels very fast. Great news goes viral these days. Yelp and other review sites can make a difference. At Harbor Freight Going the extra mile doesn’t have to be a high cost. One store had a guy come out from warehouse and assemble a replacement item because first box had missing parts. He saved me so much time and buying extra tools. That was four years ago. Do you know how many people I’ve told and repeated to and why I shop Harbor Freight? 15 minutes of effort and I bet I’ve brought the store thousands in sales. Less

Apologize for whatever inconvenience was caused upon them and see if the manager could do anything about it Less

Mainly just try to act with compassion in mind. After all, they may not be happy about something that has nothing to do with you at all. Less

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Would you be available to speak this week? (probably followed by evil laugh in private considering what happened next)

4 Answers

Hello, thanks for taking the time to leave a review as we appreciate feedback from all our candidates. Firstly we apologise for the negative experience you’ve had with our recruitment process. There has been a miscommunication regarding the nature of the phone call, it should not have been called an interview as it’s more of a discussion about your expectations for employment. We have passed this feedback on to our Recruitment team and have updated our guidelines to be more clear about the intentions of our phone calls in future. Less

Hi! I think you’ve missed my point a little there. I understand that it was a screening call but you made an appointment. I made sure that my child is away during this time so I can speak in peace. If you agree a time you either make the call or you cancel. What your employee has done is disrespectful. The nature of the call is beside the point. Less

And the fact he did it twice. Shocking.

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How would you deal with agents who are more tenured than you are in the company

3 Answers


Learn from their experiences and make sure not to commit those mistakes. I’d love be around people who are more experienced than a newbie as I will learn a lot from them. Less

You need to insure that you do everything required but not dominate tenured agents....initially we should push for nothing more than acceptance and mutual respect. Less

Johnson & Johnson

What is something your company did that you disagreed with?

3 Answers

Perhaps it was to have a boss who could not differentiate the treatment of the house with the obligations of the one in the office. You have to differentiate, because you can not come with a problem at home and have a sour face and treat it badly, or do not treat people in the office. Less

This, as I see it, is a private interview, in which you intervene indirectly asking me, which is what I did not like in such a situation. Less

When they say there will be no special treatment for former employees with outstanding performance. Less

Info Edge

Maslow's Hierarchy Theory..??

3 Answers

5 level Basic need Safety need Love need Esteem need Self actualization

5 levels like Basic needs, safety needs, social needs etc.

Physiological needs Safety Social Self actualization

Schneider Electric

When will i get married

3 Answers


when i will be better enough to carry some people with me in my life

when she will like u


What is your future plan for 5 years ?

2 Answers

Join with a big company, learn more skills and earn more money

Being a professional Sales Account Manager


Do you consider yourself a hands-on salesperson?

2 Answers

Yes, I have performed demos for the instrumentation I have sold as well as helped with service issues when necessary. I cannot insert that my interview was in August 2009, that I was hired in August 2009, that my start date was September 2009 and I left in February 2011 due to the unit I worked for was sold. I can only put 2012. Less

Yes, I have performed demos for the instrumentation I have sold as well as helped with service issues when necessary. Less

Rivoli Group

Tell me about yourself and experience.

3 Answers

A highly motivated, energetic and above all result-oriented individual with extensive and diversified experiential background in Retail, Hotels, Diamond, Gold and Jewellery . Strong in “Inter-Personal Relationships Building and Communication Skills”. Highly Pro-Active, and a Responsible professional who takes initiatives and challenges to engaged and positive team player results. PERSONAL DETAILS • Nationality : get the best out of opportunities and believes working deadlines. A highly with a strong customer focus and the motivation to deliver exceptional sales Less

In my experienced as sales assistant you must should also check your kpi every hour to check your selling how much your sales every hour so that you can push it and every customers enter in your store convince them and introduce your product knowledge. Less

I told about me and my experience and where did I work.

Nature Publishing Group

What are some difficulties do you expect to have in this position

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