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Applebees Bartender/Neighborhood Expert Server was asked...21 July 2013

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

12 Answers

When applying for a pizza delivery person, one question was how I could benefit from scissors. Less

The idea that this interview question has anything to do with hiring the best employees for a restaurant chain. Less

Funny you should ask that... I just got a text from Friday's saying I got the job I was interviewing for last week - with double the amount of pay I was asking for. Would you like to try and beat their offer ? Less

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Erik took a $5,000 distribution from his ROTH IRA to pay for a vacation to celebrate his 40th birthday. Since he opened the account 10 years ago, he has contributed $28,500. Will he have to pay any taxes on this distribution?

7 Answers

Erik can withdraw as much as his Roth IRA contribution without tax and penalty. but if he want to withdraw the earning, he will own the income tax and 10% early withdraw penalty. Less

Yes, due to his age and the reason for withdrawal do not quality for tax free withdrawal Less

Yes, he will have to pay taxes and penalties because the reasons he took the fund and the amount he took would not qualify him for tax free or penalty free withdrawals Less

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Talk about your background, talk about yourself, talk about why you are interested in Knurture and the position.

4 Answers

I had the exact same experience. I'm quite disappointed in truth, and I was even starting to think that they didn't get back in touch because they were disappointed that I am a woman! at least I know I am not the only one not receiving any answer to my emails... Less

I don't think they realize (or maybe just don't care) how important it is for the company's reputation to have a positive recruiting process. They are continuing to post ads and give interviews, and people are continuing to post similar stories to mine. Very unprofessional and disappointing - Will hurt their reputation if they continue. Less

yes, I saw that they are still posting ads, even if they gave a deadline for the application (I found the ad on It's nice that jobs board in November, 2014 - now I'm seeing it again...). At least an email saying "no" and why, would be nice. Less

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was offered the same position that we were in before being outsourced. There was no one on one face to face contact

3 Answers



Take it or leave it - and risk losing your retirement benefits from AT&T


Jamie is filing as single and has the following expenses for 2018: $9,250 mortgage interest, $10,350 state/local income taxes and real estate taxes, $500 charitable donations, $2,000 unreimbursed employee expenses. How much will Jamie’s federal itemized deductions total?

4 Answers

Interesting Questions.

Injured spouse claim (Form 8837)

$9,250 + $10,000 + $500 = $19,750 under TCJA $2,000 unreimbursed employee expense is no longer deductible State/local taxes including property tax are capped at $10,000 under SALT as part of TCJA Her standard deduction for 2018 was $12,000 (nearly doubled under TCJA) is less than her itemized deduction so she'd be better off take her itemized ded. Less

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can you sell this pen to me?

3 Answers

Compared to other pens, this pen is very smooth and comfortable to hold in the hand. Less

The pen which I am holding in my hand may look like similar like other pen but the pen will give u more comfortable and smooth feel to you while writing and more over the price is also less which all can offer it.The grip of the pen is very good tooo.... Less

you should be able to convince the interviewer.


There was one question that stood out as a sort of "entrapment" question. Knowing the priorities assumed by Front of House Employees, I was given three or four scenarios that were all taking place at the same time. The scenarios were along the lines of: 'There is food to be put out', 'There are customers in line', 'The men's bathroom is overflowing', etc. The question was to choose which of the situations to resolve first.

3 Answers

The "correct" answer, if I remember correctly, was to put out the food, because delivering fresh food is the highest priority. That is fair enough, but it's a question that assumes that the interviewee is the only employee available to fix any of these issues, and it makes him/her feel like there is no good answer, because the options they didn't choose will resolve and cause other problems. The only silver lining is that if the question doesn't really faze you on the outside, and you can continue working under these pressures, you can handle most situations you will experience working in a Smashburger location. Less

I was an employee at this time. I just wanted to clarify that it had absolutely nothing to do with 'knowing the right people'. We simply worked together on a daily basis and grew close. Less

We have to logically think when anwsering a qestion like such. Their are three proven factors of a successful business with gigantic numbers of repeat customers or guest as i like to say. Keep in mind that this is just a opion, With that being said. Think of some of some of the greatest to ever do it, Thats is what your choice of industry type you choose. It starts with the people you hire, The people you choose to work for you. Most importantly its the way you treat your.employees, the old saying goes treat people the way you want to be treated. Yes correct. If your a great leader who owns the joint and calls the shots and doesn't constantly remind people that your the boss. Employee's will reflect in the eyes of your guest IF you have motivated them too. One of the greatest incentives are bonuses, gifts and such. But lets be real their arent many hourly employees getting bonuses except for one business i can speak from experience thats does such. Back to topic treating employees will reflect im large numbers. Second to the list is taking care of the actual guest/customers. Good news that job has been done because you have instilled this in your employees to do so. Plain and simple the better you treat your employees the better they will treat your guest. Your employees will be more than happy to asist any guest and provide excellent guest interactions. Some business will at some point have investors and sorts that where your third party comes from when i say their are three key ways to hype guets and business increases. Treat your employees like diamonds and they will bring you gold. Its proven to Have worked and is being practiced as we speak people. Ope. Your eyes and realize that we are in the erra of what have you done for me to help you? Less


Are you willing to work 40 hours a week? What would you do if you had a difficult client.

3 Answers

First of all, my first interview with the CEO was supposed to be on Skype. I woke up at 530am to make the call since he was unwilling to adjust for someone on the West Coast. Instead of talking, he used the chat function for 30 minutes and was very unprofessional The next phone interview was several months later after another freelancer told me I should give the company another chance. We talked and I said I was willing to take on 5-10 hours a week as a trial to build trust since I already had two other clients... BIG MISTAKE. He was insulting and said that he only wanted full time freelancers and that it was clear I didnt know what I wanted in my career and that he was at that point when he was younger... He essentially wanted to hire me as a full time employee but not pay the benefits. Next, I was already on my career path and was considering freelancing and easing into it and was already making good money. So both of my interactions with the owner were unprofessional. I have no idea how this business is thriving based on my interactions with the owner. Their system is also based on time worked, not project based. Sorry but some things I can do is worth $500 an hour because I know what I am doing and have built the tools to make it worth it. he needs to adjust because the clients arent getting the best value out of his services in the end, I declined to be willing to work 40 hours a week with no benefits and with a poor payment structure. Less

Dear Applicant, I am very sorry you had this experience with FreeeUp. I am a little bit confused so I want to an address a few points. 1) My calendar is available right on the top of my website. People can book times with me anytime they want. 2) We are a marketplace for freelancers and we have no minimums. We do not require anyone to work 40. We have hundreds of part time freelancers on the marketplace. 3) While the default is hourly, freelancers are welcome to charge fixed prices. We have many clients that only do fixed prices on the marketplace. I do apologize for any confusion and I want to make this right. If you are the person who wrote this review and you are reading this please reach out to me so I can get us on the same page. Less

It's interesting that you find a few 1 star reviews and the rest are 5 stars... seems like they gamed the system. As far as Nate's response here, it's 100% false. 1. Calendar - No, at the time he was not available any time. When I requested some times in the afternoon, I was told no. They only had 530am to 730 am for every day. Why would I even lie about that? 2. Absolutely Nate is not telling the truth. He specifically said he was not interested in employing anyone for less than 40 hours a week. The reason why I would not commit was that I had had a previous bad experience with interviewing with them, so I only wanted to take on limited work to see how it went. the fact that he's lying here in response to me shows you just how much the business has integrity... or rather lack of it. 3. Again, you're not telling the truth. Perhaps things changed but in both interviews I asked if we could do flat rate projects and was told NO, only hourly projects. It's amazing how someone will lie to come defend their business. I've got no reason to lie, I worked at top companies servicing Amazon accounts and am not competing with Freeeup. I guess they've gotten some press but honestly I dont believe it based on their willingness to lie about this nonsense Less


Are you worth hiring?

3 Answers

Try me

Well, its gonna be your loss not to hire me.

Well, its gonna be your lost not to hire me.


Why do you feel T-Mobile is the place for you?

3 Answers

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Less

I have been in sales industry for 16 years. I have been in management over 10 years and I know employees that work for T - Mobile and live it. I also know that it has a great reputation and will give a chance to grow. Less

To be who you are without reprisal is invaluable.

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