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From which maximum floor can you throw an egg without breaking it?

3 Answers

Can you be more specific on ....breaking "it"? Does it mean the floor or egg?

That is the trick here. The "it" refers to the floor here. So no matter how many floors above you go, an egg would never break the floor when it hits.

through which recruiter/staffing agency did you apply?

Given a 4X4X4 cube made of 1X1X1 cubes. How many cubes make the surface of this cube

4 Answers

HashMap - how will it store objects where hashcode is same? How will it retrieve them?

2 Answers

Why is the beach light red? lighthouse

2 Answers

First round related to Selenium and SQL Writing Xpath for table Webdriver wait Page Object Model Uses of maven SoapUI Automation Types of APi Strings concept Collections concept Blob operation in SQl Unix Commands Jenkins Pipeline

1 Answer

pure technical questions based on machine learning and deep learning.

1 Answer

are you comfortable for working on basic salary ?

1 Answer

Write a program to find smallest number in a rotated sorted array.

1 Answer

About my campus leadership roles

1 Answer
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