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HashMap - how will it store objects where hashcode is same? How will it retrieve them?

2 Answers

Basically if there is a hashcode collision then HashMap would rely on equals method for further equality checks.

In case of key hashcode collision, the bucket will be same but considering each bucket location of hashmap as a linked list, the key-value pair will be stored on the next node in the same bucket. At the time of retreival, it will use keys.equal to get the correct node.

Given a 4X4X4 cube made of 1X1X1 cubes. How many cubes make the surface of this cube

4 Answers

What are the different ways in which an object can be created?

1 Answer

Why are signals RED in color for stop?

1 Answer

Normal questions from your resume. Very simple interview

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sql queries, basic java question and logical questions

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Why is the beach light red? lighthouse

2 Answers

SDLC, different types of search algorithms in Computer programming language, pattern based programming questions.

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Given two sorted arrays, merge them. (This was unexpected not tough) :) People having knowledge of Merge Sort will feel as lollipop.

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