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What value do you bring to the organization?

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My skills acquired over a period of time & the skills that my colleagues rate me highly i.e. Team Player

Very interesting questions - from the very basics to medium to complex. Even the CEO asked bunch of technical questions - most of them were related to data structures and algorithms. I couldn't answer some of them but I was surprised to see the CEO took the time from his busy schedule and explained each one of the algorithms and why he asked such questions. Since they are looking for experts to build a center of excellence, they are looking for the best. I hope I will get an offer.

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Questions were mainly copied from interview sites like career cup geek for geek etc.Interviewers were expecting same answer . Some were based on recent projects.

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Lead management questions

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They asked only one question on algorithms and they could judge me on that it seems. That was the most unexpected situation in fact :)

write a script in powershell to stop the services for iis

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What is virtual function and how vtable works

First Interview includes basic knowledge and IT project experience but in second interview they were quite keen to dig into technical details

Interview process- 1. Fill up the nice application form. 2. First Technical Round - a. Questions on current work and project - architecture, role, etc. b. Questions on String, core java, oops concepts c. Few SQLs, proceedures vs functions, index and some DB stuffs d. UI stuffs include Jquery vs javascript, some html and css questions. 3. Technical round Video con call with Israel Development Manager a. Some basic stuffs about algo and data structures, queues. b. UI includes css questions like margin vs padding, document.ready vs window.onl0ad, input type text vs textarea. 4. HR round - Reason behind leaving current job and salary expectations

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