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Network Support Engineer Interview Questions


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class A ranges from 0 - 127 class B ranges from 128-191 class C ranges from 192-223 class D ranges from 224-248 class E ranges from 249- 254

Class A to Class B to Class C to Class D to

Asked to show IP address and and MAC address on PC. and ask about difference between static IP and dynamic IP.

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Company deal with networking and u will have to learn networking which you would be trained for are u ok with it?

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tell me about urself?

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what is DNS

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How AD administration is done

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Server monitoring experience.

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1. Why CSS when HTML is already available for web development. 2. Sql query to display the second highest salary of an employee. 3. Why cisco?

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What is PRI?

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basic networking ,virtualization ,& Mail Server's related questions

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