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Given a number find it is one less than the power of two.

15 Answers

The question could have been a little more detailed, most of the guys who took up the test could not understand this immediately.

Given a number N, XOR it with N+1 = powers of 2 will give all 0s

@Anonymous. That's not true. 3 in binary is 11 and 4 is 100, if you XOR 011 and 100 you will get 111, not 000. I think you meant to say that all numbers will be 1s.

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Assume a matrix of integers they are sorted in boh row and column vice .. how do u find a given number from the matrix in a optimal way?

10 Answers

Data structures and Algorithms related

2 Answers

Consider a stack of N number of cards which are piled up and in facing down. Each card has a unique number from the range 1 to N. The card is stacked in such a way that it exhibits the following behavior: Take the first card and put it under the stack without revealing. Now the next card on the top will have the number 1 on it. Next take 2 cards one after the other and put is under the stack without revealing. Yes you guessed it right - the next card on the top will reveal a value of 2. This goes on. Eg. for such a series : 9,1,8,5,2,4,7,6,3,10 [for N=10] Write a program to generate such a series for a given N number of cards so that this behavior can be exercised.

8 Answers

Sort Binary Arrays - {0,1,0,1,1,1,0,0,0,1}

7 Answers

The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

6 Answers

SDLC, what games have you played till now? Have you played any PS games or not. Difference between Regression Testing and Retesting.

5 Answers

unix questions were difficult.....sql was easy....choose your skill carefully...i choose c so they asked only c questions....

2 Answers

String Palindrom, reverse words in a string, find longest substring in a string, duplicate characters in a string and print the count of it.

5 Answers

Code to find a missing number in an array

5 Answers
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