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group discussion topics will be quite unexpected and group discussion is not a round one bt like a class room type discussion

8 Answers

can u please help me with the written test pattern?? its urgent

can u please tell me the pattern of written test ? i mean i was just aptitude or technical questions were also there?

these was no written test for me as i was shortlisted based on amcat scores

Why u chose IT? Why do want to join syntel?

6 Answers

Difficult Quantitative questions

6 Answers

Write a program to print a right angle triangle star pattern. * * * * * *

4 Answers

1. Write a program in C to print the following pattern if value for S and N are given. Say if S=3,N=3 the pattern should be: 3 44 555 555 44 3

4 Answers

questions Lcm and addition of array 1 hour time

4 Answers

As a fresher I was asked mostly C programming questions like pattern making and normal programming questions and puzzles

3 Answers

Java program in round 3 was the most difficult question in my case. A matrix halfly-filled with numbers - almost randomly was given . And You need to fill the blank matrix of same size with those numbers in similar arrangement in a program using 2D arrays and loops.

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Nothing about that?

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Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction. Examples of OOPS concepts. Java Interfaces, access modifiers. Classes Objects. Keys in DBMS Difference between DROP, DELETE and TRUNCATE One question from coding round(which I could not solve). I was given 15 minutes to solve but I was unable to solve. Interviewers were helpful and Company is good.

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