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group discussion topics will be quite unexpected and group discussion is not a round one bt like a class room type discussion

8 Answers

can u please help me with the written test pattern?? its urgent

can u please tell me the pattern of written test ? i mean i was just aptitude or technical questions were also there?

these was no written test for me as i was shortlisted based on amcat scores

Java program in round 3 was the most difficult question in my case. A matrix halfly-filled with numbers - almost randomly was given . And You need to fill the blank matrix of same size with those numbers in similar arrangement in a program using 2D arrays and loops.

3 Answers

How can we know that the value fetched from SQL is a NULL value or not in COBOL??

2 Answers

What would you do in a fictitious and dynamically changing world where you have reached the end of the world and the land behind you is collapsing, how would you escape?

2 Answers

how convert 2 stack into a heap

2 Answers

was regarding implementing self exceptions in c# with multiple catch statements and no final clause

2 Answers

Syntax on C language, During Interviews was asked about upcoming technologies.

1 Answer

Java, OOPs, Prime number, SQL, Diamond Problem

1 Answer

What do Want to Change in Current System of Our Country.?

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