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LIBSYS (India)
Trainee Software Engineer was asked...14 September 2017

Merge Linked list

10 Answers

Round 1 had very basic quant and C output questions. Try to solve Test your C skills. Round 2: 1. Reverse Linked List(shocked to see this). 2. Merge Linked List. 3. Sort alphanumeric array 4. Some pattern question. 5. Find 2 numbers in the sorted array having sum closest to the given number. Less

can I use python in coding round of libsys recruitment process

Can you please tell which type of c/c++ questions were asked in the technical apti? Less

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group discussion topics will be quite unexpected and group discussion is not a round one bt like a class room type discussion

8 Answers

these was no written test for me as i was shortlisted based on amcat scores

can u please tell me the pattern of written test ? i mean i was just aptitude or technical questions were also there? Less

what were the rounds? And what were the questions asked in interview ??

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Why u chose IT? Why do want to join syntel?

6 Answers

Results are announced some of my friends got selected ,nd they joined syntel chennai by 7th August Less

Sep 1st week

I gave hr interview in pune on 19 august. When i can expect results ?

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Netcracker Technology

Difficult Quantitative questions

6 Answers

I got shortlisted for further rounds with NetCracker.

Are you selected?

Could you please tell me the tough one which was asked in coding

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GGK Tech

WAP to find and print second largest digit in the given number? ( without using arrays, functions and using only one loop).

5 Answers

while (num>0) { int dig = num % 10; if(dig > largest) { if(seclarg dig && dig > seclarg) seclarg = dig; num /= 10; } Less

while(n){ x=n%10; if(max1x) max2=x; n=n/10; } } Less

#include using namespace std; int main() { int n,x,max1=0,max2=0; cin>>n; while(n>0) { x=n%10; if(max1>x) {if(max2 Less

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MountBlue Technologies

count number of star (*) in between two bar(|) in a substring of a given string( **|*|***)

5 Answers

for(int i=0;i

import java.util.Scanner; // ****|**|*** public class Ques_13_findStar { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner s = new Scanner(; System.out.println(findStar(; } private static int findStar(String str) { int count = 0; int start = 0; for (int i = 0; i < str.length(); i++) { if(str.charAt(i)=='|'){ start = i; break; } } for (int i = start+1; i < str.length(); i++) { if(str.charAt(i)!= '|'){ count++; } } return count-1; } } Less

str1= "**|*|***" li=[] count=0 for x in range(len(str1)): if str1[x]=='|': li.append(x) min_i=li[0] max_i=li[-1] for i in range(min_i,max_i): if str1[i]=="*": count+=1 print(count) Less

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what will system.out print do?

4 Answers

I agree with you...this company cannot be trusted.they don't know how to take interviews.these people will never appreciate your knowledge. Less

If you have reference than you will be treated very well. Even if you don't have technical knowledge Less

3 months 4 rounds of interview just shows how screwed up their hiring process is. Less

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Successive Technologies

Write a program to print a right angle triangle star pattern. * * * * * *

4 Answers

import java.util.Scanner; class pattern { public static void main(String args[]) { int n; Scanner sc=new Scanner(; System.out.println("enter no"); n=sc.nextInt(); for(int i=0;i=n+1-i) System.out.print("*"); else System.out.print(" "); } System.out.println( ); } }} Less

public class Right_Angle_Pattern2 { public static void main(String args[]){ for(int i =0; i0+i;j--){ System.out.print(" "); } for(int k =0;k Less

#include int main() { int num,i,j; printf("Enter a number :"); scanf("%d",&num); for(i=0;ii;j--){ printf(" "); } for(int k=0;k<=i;k++){ printf("*"); } printf("\n"); } return 0; } Less

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Progressive Infotech

1. Write a program in C to print the following pattern if value for S and N are given. Say if S=3,N=3 the pattern should be: 3 44 555 555 44 3

4 Answers

#include #include int main() { int s=3,i,j; int n=3; for(i=3;i=3;i--) { for(j=i;j>=3;j--) { printf("%d",i); } printf("\n"); } } Less

#include void main() { int s=3, n=3, i, j; printf("Enter the value of s and n:\n"); scanf("%d %d", &s, &n); printf("The value of s = %d and n = %d:\n", s, n); for(i=0;i=0;j--) { printf("%d",s); } s++; printf("\n"); } s--; for(i=n;i>=0;i--) { for(j=0;j Less

#include int main() { int s=3,n=3,i,j; for(i=s;i=s;i--) { for(j=0;j<=(i-n);j++) { printf("%d",i); } printf("\n"); } } Less

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MountBlue Technologies

this was asked in second round. harder one: print the pattern 33333 32223 32123 32223 33333

4 Answers

#include using namespace std; #include int main() { int n,p; cin>>n; p=n; int r=0,c = 2*n-1; vector> arr(c); for(int i=0;i(c); while(n>0) { for(int i=r; i=r;i--) { arr[c-1][i]=n; } for(int i=c-2;i>=r+1;i--) { arr[i][r]=n; } n--; r++; c--; } c=2*p-1; for(int i=0;i Less

#include using namespace std; #include int main() { int n,p; cin>>n; p=n; int r=0,c = 2*n-1; vector> arr(c); for(int i=0;i(c); while(n>0) { for(int i=r; i=r;i--) { arr[c-1][i]=n; } for(int i=c-2;i>=r+1;i--) { arr[i][r]=n; } n--; r++; c--; } c=2*p-1; for(int i=0;i Less

#include void main() { int i,j,k=3; for(i=1;i<=5;i++) { for(j=1;j<=5;j++) { if(i==1 ||i==5 ||j==1 ||j==5) { printf("%d",k); } else if(i==3&&j==3) { printf("%d",k-2); } else { printf("%d",k-1); } } printf("\n"); } } Less

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