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SQL basic queries. Linux basics.

211 Answers

When did you have the test?

After your test when you got the call for further rounds please reply because i have also given the same hacker earth on 28th may

No...Even I am waiting for the call.

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I was confused between Load and Stress Testing....and one particular Test Case I interpreted wrongly

11 Answers

All questions are english language based

10 Answers

Sql query based on 2 tables.

6 Answers

write a sql query to update the table in an existing table

4 Answers

Why didn't get growth in your last organization?

4 Answers

Basic commands

3 Answers

Trimming of strings

3 Answers

Where is the PCB located and what are its components? (The term PCB wasnt specified)

3 Answers

what is DMZ

3 Answers
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