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The most difficult question I had to answer was about the gaps I had in my career. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be quitting soon.

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I had ventured into business with my cousin in my native but had to get back to Bangalore as he was in a position where he could manage things on his own and I wanted to pursue my career in Tech Support to help me get into IT later on.

to ring the bell in dell !

Technical Round can be tricky as they might ask questions after going thru the expertise of the candidate.

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The operations round had a flurry of questions fired at me and I really got stuck when I had to explain the RAID arrangement for Hard Drives.

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about yourself why did you want to join the company

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What was the salary that I was Expecting.

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Why would a higher hertz memory not work with a lower hertz memory as dual channel?

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✔ What are the series of troubleshooting steps for a slow responsive computer?

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personal introduction

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What is DNS? What are the different ways to retrieve IP? How to run commands on windows? What is blue screen error?

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