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Aptitude was easy only time limit was less so answer questions which you know confidently and try to guess rest if you are not sure. No Negative Markings. For GD round be confident and put forth your views clearly , Don't try to be harsh and don't shout . Remember its not a debate . If you don't speak a word you will be asked to conclude which means you don't have any chance for further shortlisting For final round just concentrate on your final year project and technologies which you have mentioned in your CV . They will ask all possible questions with regard to your current profile and you should be proficient to answer any of them

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how many people they are recruiting ? and what is the package they are offering ?

please help me with the topics covered in the written test ??

i got most topics on percentages and sales problems . one pie chart or bar graph question for sure based on percentages . Also concentrate on simple interest ,Profit and loss , time -distance and some basic math. Solve quickly .

the test is highly subjective--3 tests 75 marks each--the most bizzare aptitude test ever taken by me.....balance sheet correction, English paragraph correction in the aptitude test...2nd test was for programming and third was essay writing...

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Academic project Programming languages I know Baics about java

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If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those additional two hours.

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In HR interview they asked about strengths and weakness,self introduction.

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can u speak french?

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group discussion topics will be quite unexpected and group discussion is not a round one bt like a class room type discussion

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Are you ready to join immediately? As in the very next day?

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are you able to live in Andheri on rent with salary 8000 ?

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Aptitude was easy but time management is important

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