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SQL basic queries. Linux basics.

174 Answers

When did you have the test?

After your test when you got the call for further rounds please reply because i have also given the same hacker earth on 28th may

No...Even I am waiting for the call.

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You have got two candles and each candle will burn for half an hour. You are put in dark room with a match stick. You have to measure exactly 45 minutes and come out of the room.

9 Answers

Case study round with 30 minutes time is a bit of a challenge.

9 Answers

where do you find yourself after 5 years

9 Answers

Which data type is not used in switch case

8 Answers

What are index funds and how are they traded in markets?

8 Answers

What is your dream job ?

8 Answers

Grilling on financial terms, current affairs and opinions about the same. Since I was from marketing background I was given a lot many situations to analyse.

8 Answers

about your self

8 Answers

A bucket is kept under the tap and the tap is opened to let out water. Though water is flowing out, the bucket never seems to be full. why?

7 Answers
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