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Case study round with 30 minutes time is a bit of a challenge.

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Hey..thanks for your experience..when was your AMCAT test conducted?and you are from which university?

when was your AMCAT test conducted ??

Guys! If I tell you my identity then what's the point of anonymity!

You have got two candles and each candle will burn for half an hour. You are put in dark room with a match stick. You have to measure exactly 45 minutes and come out of the room.

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Grilling on financial terms, current affairs and opinions about the same. Since I was from marketing background I was given a lot many situations to analyse.

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The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

6 Answers

A bucket is kept under the tap and the tap is opened to let out water. Though water is flowing out, the bucket never seems to be full. why?

7 Answers

How do u handle an abusive client?

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Estimate the price of an eraser 5 years from now.

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Nothing out of the ordinary. Some simple questions on time management, but that is pretty much it

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Creativity test.Why on earth you need to be creative when you are applying for a analytics job.What is required is probably good aptitude test with perhaps good programming skills.To some extent case presentation also makes sense if you are expected to handle clients(consulting).But why creativity test?Its not a advertising company..Right!!

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Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

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