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i was asked about me, general questions of Project management, Foundations of BA and basic project management. Thorough questions on mobility (web and apps)

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Yes sir , asked for me questions

Role Play would be difficult

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Three rounds Aptitue-Technical-Managerial

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what is the most important task for a project manager

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How to manage a team?

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1)Give an example of out of the box thinking from your previous experience 2) Your manager has given unrealistic deadline, how will you handle the situation

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Why did you leave your previous organisation?

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Project Management related questions and project execution process for T and M projects. Domain experience is essential and you will be assigned to the project immediately.

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Questions asked in technical round were based on area of interest, and from projects mentioned in the resume, some questions on data structures, basic coding questions and sorting techniques and solutions to real life scenarios implementing the topics that I has mentioned in the resume, OOPs concepts. The HR round started off with introduction question, what my motivations are, what my aim is. This round was more of a conversation rather than an interview. The Skype round questions were on what projects have I worked on and what my strengths and weakness are.

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