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As a Business Intelligence(BI) leader, how can you stop fraudulent revenue reporting?

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I did provide quite a few mechanical solutions like cross validation of manually entered sales data etc.. The interviewer wasn't convinced. Later he answered it by himself. He said we should build in some logic into the BI system which raises a flag whenever an entered data shows any unexpected/unnatural spikes or troughs.

What are the challenges you faced in your projects

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What are your expectations?

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Professional questions

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They have given me a problem and ask me to prepare slides and present it.

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Describe one of your project from start to finish

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How can a project manager act as Project Owner

Even though its a Project Manager role 70% of the interview is technical. Technologies/Projects i executed. different issues and challenges we come across in projects,end to end execution planning and high level activities that we need to plan for a specific project scenario.

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